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Bingo! Students Who Read Beat Summer Slide

Set students up for summer reading success with books from Bookshare.

The dreaded summer slide. Research suggests that a summer break can cause an average student to loseKids who read beat summer slide - graphic showing how access to books during summer prevents a drastic loss in reading skill, especially for kids in need. up to one month of instruction, with disadvantaged students disproportionately affected (Cooper, 1996).  Fortunately, access to books during summer helps students beat the summer slide, and Bookshare’s accessible online library is the perfect resource for kids who cannot read traditional print books due to disabilities like blindness, low vision, physical disabilities, and learning disabilities like dyslexia.

Checklist for Teachers

How can you make sure your students are set up with accessible ebooks from Bookshare? Here are some tips to help make a smooth transition to summer:

  • Make sure students can access Bookshare on their own over the summer by giving them a Student Login.
  • Get students books for the summer by creating and sharing Reading Lists.
  • Set up graduates and students moving on to new schools with Individual Memberships so they can continue to use Bookshare on their own.
  • Get ahead by requesting books now that students will need in the fall.

Bingo card with book categories in each squareFind Summer Reads with Bookshare Bingo

Looking for summer reading books? You can find great titles and have a ton of fun by joining the Bookshare Bingo reading event!

Through Bookshare Bingo, members can discover a variety of fun and interesting titles. You can get a Bingo by reading books from different categories listed on the Bookshare Bingo card. To help get you started, we have created a list of book recommendations for all ages to explore. And, while supplies last, participants will get a free gift. The summer reading program begins June 15th, and you can get ready now by adding books to member Reading Lists. Get ready for Bookshare Bingo!



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