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Bookshare Tiene Libros en Español

¿Sabías que Bookshare tiene más de 15.000 títulos en español? Hay cuatro nuevas colecciones especiales que destacan nuestros libros en español en la página Revelacion by Patricia Murdochde navegar. No importa si es un hispanohablante o está aprendiendo el idioma, explorar nuestras colecciones para libros divertidos y engancharen. Estos libros son para lectores adolescentes y adultos.

Did you know that Bookshare has over 15,000 titles in Spanish? The browse page features four special collections that highlight some of our Spanish books. Whether Spanish is your native tongue or if you are learning the language, explore our new collections for fun and engaging reads. These books are for young adult and adult readers.

High-Low Books for Young Adults in Spanish

Libros Para Lectores Adolescentes Reacios (high-low readers en Español)

This collection features twenty high-low titles for young adult readers (ages 13+/grades 8+) available in Spanish. High-low titles have high interest subject matter that is easy to read. These books feature simple vocabulary that helps readers gain confidence and build fluency and proficiency.

For students who are native Spanish speakers and have reading barriers such as dyslexia, learning to read in their native language can help build phonological awareness and comprehension skills that can transfer to reading in English.

Or, for students who are learning Spanish, these books are an effective way to build reading skills in a foreign language. And guess what? Every title in this collection isEl Caballo y El Muchacho by CS Lewis also available in English, including:

Popular Series Books for Young Adults in Spanish

If you are a teacher, this scenario may be familiar to you: You just got a new student, but she has a documented learning disability and is an English language learner. How will you find books that are accessible, in her native language, so she can read what the rest of the class is reading until her English improves? Check out these lists of popular books and series:

Sagas Literarias Para Adolescentes y Jóvenes Adultos – 71 books for ages 8+/grades 3+ including:

Libros Populares Para Adolescentes y Jóvenes Adultos – 75 books for ages 13+/grades 8+ including:

Books for Adults in Spanish

Penguin Clásicos – This robust collection of 125 literary classics from Shakespeare to Benito Pérez Galdós is perfect for fluent readers of Spanish, including:

Use Advanced Search to Find Foreign Language Books

In addition to Spanish, Bookshare has books in 34 other languages, with more added every month. You can use Advanced Search to specify the language, genre, category, author, and other criteria to help you find what you are looking for. The Bookshare team is working hard to bring more accessible ebooks to readers around the world.

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