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Exploring Inclusive Math with Benetech’s Clayton Lewis

Bookshare is just one of several inclusive education initiatives at Bookshare’s parent organization, Benetech, a nonprofit that empowers communities with software for social good. We believe that access to information is a universal human right, yet more than ninety percent of books and published materials cannot be read by people with reading barriers such as dyslexia. Our work in education is focused on one big thing: making information accessible to everyone around the world through software.

One of the biggest challenges is making STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) Clayton Lewiscontent accessible so that students with learning barriers can see and read equations, tables, and images. Benetech has been fortunate to have Clayton Lewis, Professor of Computer Science and Fellow at the Institute of Cognitive Science at the University of Colorado Boulder, as advisor to Benetech’s DIAGRAM Center to research ways of creating inclusive digital math.

It’s estimated that between 25-35% of students in general education classrooms struggle with math application skills. Think, for a moment, how difficult it is to work through math problems if you can’t see well, have trouble holding a pencil, or struggle to keep your work organized and legible. In a Benetech blog post, Clayton defines inclusive digital math, explains why it is important, and shares how it can benefit all students, not just those with disabilities. He also discusses some technical challenges as well as recent advances in the field.

Read the full blog post to learn more about inclusive digital math and other Benetech education initiatives.

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