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Valentine’s Day Books to Inspire Love for Reading and Love for Others

Love is by Diane AdamsValentine’s Day is a great opportunity to teach young ones to have love and compassion for those around them. These silly stories and heartfelt reads teach children about the power of love, friendship, and kindness.

Books for Young Readers That Teach Love and Kindness

These delightful books highlight the value of friendship, empathy, and love for young readers.

This is Not a Valentine, Carter Higgins – This clever book pushes children to think about the little ways we show our love to those we care for and admire. This touching story of friendship provides a refreshing, grounded take on Valentine’s Day.

Love Is, Diane Adams – When a little girl finds and cares for a tiny duckling, she embarks on a yearlong adventure that grows her understanding of what it means to love and care for others. In this touching tale, we learn that love is holding tight, but it is also letting go.

Groggle’s Monster Valentine, Diana Murray – Groggle is working hard to make the perfect Valentine for his best friend Snarlina, but every time it’s nearly done, Groggle can’t help but gobble it up. Will Groggle tame his monster appetite to give Snarlina the valentine she deserves?

Valentine’s Day Specials From Your Students’ Favorite Series

Get your students hooked on a new series with these fun Valentine’s Day stories.

Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew: Valentine’s Day Secret, Carolyn Keen – Nancy is caught in the middle of a nasty fight when Bess receives a mean valentine – from her best friend, George. Can Nancy figure out the secret behind this nasty note, and bring the Clue Crew back together?

Diary of a Whimpy Kid: The Third Wheel, Jeff Kinney – With a big dance around the corner, Greg is desperate to find a date. By a strange twist of fate, he finds a partner, but his best friend Rowley is stuck tagging along as a third wheel. Who will be lucky in love, and who will end up out in the cold? Who knows? A lot can happen in one night!

Junie B. Jones and the Mushy Gushy Valentine, Barbara Park – When Junie B. gets an unexpected Valentine’s day card from a secret admirer, this not-so-mild-mannered kindergartner is determined to find out who’s behind this mushy-gushy note.

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