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Introducing Bookshare Reader (Beta) for Smart Speakers

“Alexa: open Bookshare Reader. Read: A Tree Grows in Brooklyn.” 

Get ready for a new, exciting way to read with Bookshare Reader for smart speakers (beta). It’s as easy as using your voice. Now, you can read and enjoy your books on any Alexa-enabled device. Simply tell Alexa to open Bookshare Reader and read a book. With Bookshare Reader, you can enjoy the convenience of voice-enabled tools to enjoy the world’s largest ebook library for people with reading barriers.  

Bookshare Reader is currently in beta release and only available for Bookshare Individual Members at this time. Future releases will provide access to students and educators on school organizational accounts.

Read What You Want, Where You Want 

With Bookshare Reader, you can: 

  • Access millions of ebooks using just your voice 
  • List books on your Alexa Reading List  
  • Listen to ebooks in high-quality audio 
  • Adjust reading speed  
  • Stop reading, save your spot, and pick up where you left off  

Note that you must have a Bookshare membership to access books and can link to it through the Bookshare Reader skill. 

How to Get Started 

Getting started is easy. We’ve created a step-by-step guide on how to listen to Bookshare books on your Alexa-enabled smart speakers and devices. Try it today! 

How to Read with Bookshare Reader for Smart Speakers 

One Comment

  1. Cheryl Traub

    It’s buggy. I do exactly what the instructions say, but the speeding up doesn’t work all the time and the book changes speeds back to normal speed. Also if I want to remove a book, it will say the book is removed, but then after going back into it, it will ask me about the book again and start reading it again. I hope you fix these bugs.

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