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Grab Your Headphones for Bookshare’s Summer of Audio 

The summer is already heating up with human-narrated audiobooks, reading books with a smart speaker, and hand-picked summer reading lists for all ages from Bookshare 

Summer is around the corner and we’re excited to announce Bookshare’s summer reading bonanza with books for every age and interest. Plus, Bookshare members can choose from many formats and ways to read that include listening to human-narrated audiobooks and reading with a smart speaker. 

Human-Narrated Audiobooks for Children, Teens, Adults 

You asked for it! For the first time ever, Bookshare members can listen to books read by actors, authors, and celebrities. From How to Train Your Dragon and Harry Potter to Twilight and The Keeper of Lost Things, enjoy over 5,000 stories for every age and interest read by professional narrators. Download books in either MP3 or DAISY Audio format and listen on almost any device, including Alexa-enabled smart speakers and devices. Learn more about audiobooks

“Alexa: Open Bookshare Reader” 

Do you have a smart speaker? Now you can use it to read Bookshare books. Bookshare Reader combines the ease and convenience of voice-enabled tools like Alexa with access to our new collection of human-narrated audiobooks and millions of other ebooks. Learn how to read on smart speakers

Wondering What to Read this Summer? 

Explore these hand-picked reading lists and download books to your device. Start reading whenever your summer vacation begins and share your favorite books on social media using #SummerOfAudio.

A collage of seven book covers and assorted summer-themed icons

Students: Take Bookshare with You 

Before that final bell rings on the last day of school, make sure that you have a Bookshare Individual Membership so you can download your own books to read during the summer and into the next school year. Whether you are transitioning to a new grade, a new school, or life after school, your Bookshare membership is your ticket to reading enjoyment and lifelong learning. Visit the transition resources page for helpful tips and step-by-step instructions to get students ready for a summer of successful reading. 

We hope you enjoy the Summer Of Audio and take Bookshare with you wherever you go! 


  1. E Z Cleghorn

    THIS IS AMAZING!!!!!!!! The flexibility to have human read books on your pc for example without audible and using alexa is just amazing! Also with Harry Potter in particular, it’s very cool that we have the UK recordings read by Steven Fry! They’ve never been available in a library before that I know of in America, so now with NLS we have the masterful recordings of Jim Dale, and now here, we have the versions the UK readers have talked about for so long! Thank you guys for adding even more to this life changing service! I’m sure the human naration will probably be one of the most popular things you’ve ever done!

  2. Carolyn Rasta

    This is absolutely fabulous! Thanks so much for all the wonderful work you do. One question: will it be possible to listen to the human audio while following along in the text (using two seperate devices if needed)? Thanks again, I can’t wait to share this with staff and students when we return to school! -Carolyn

    • Laura Deck, Bookshare Communications

      Carolyn: The new collection of human-narrated audiobooks is only available in audio format (no text). While some of the audiobooks may be available from other publishers that have provided EPUBs with digital text, we can’t predict what the reading experience would be like with two different versions of a book on two devices.

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