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Books to Kick Off the School Year Strong

Tips from the Office of Special Education Programs, US Department of Education

By Alyssa Blasko, Office and Special Education Programs Intern

Shared books and conversations around books will inspire your students to engage in literature in your lessons and for leisure this coming school year. There comes great responsibility to select books with strong themes on friendship, team building, perseverance, and acceptance to help translate those skills into the classroom this fall. This task comes with another layer of complexity for students with disabilities that impact their ability to read traditional printed texts.

Bookshare can help as it provides over one million books for free to students who qualify on any device of their choosing. Students can select the voice of the reader, the speed of audiobooks, text size, and more to help them access high-quality literature. With a database of titles that continues to grow, Bookshare is here to help you this school year! To browse the entire Bookshare collection and see if your students qualify for a free account, please visit

Not Sure What to Read First?

Get started by exploring these curated reading lists:

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