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#FindYourJoy in Books This Holiday Season

#FindYourJoy with handpicked books and new books recommendations this holiday season. 

As we settle into the holiday season, Bookshare invites you to #FindYourJoy in stories and books. Whether revisiting a timeless classic or discovering a new treasured favorite, you can find it on Bookshare in easy-to-read formats like audio, large print, braille, and more. To help you get started, our librarians have handpicked holiday titles for all ages. You can also discover new titles based on your reading history with our new recommendation feature. 

#FindYourJoy with Special Collections 

Holiday Stories for Kids 

Whether your family celebrates Christmas, Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa, these children’s books for ages 3-12 can help kids illustrate the stories at the heart of their holiday tradition. 

Hanukkah Bear

YA Winter Wonderland 

Snuggle up with these snowy, icy, frosty young adult books set during winter or in a snowy locale. 

The Christmas Clash

Winter Holiday Reads 

Adults can enjoy this eclectic holiday collection of fiction and non-fiction books spanning various countries, religions, and winter landscapes. 

The Last Train to London

#FindYourJoy with Personalized Book Recommendations 

Did you really enjoy your last book? Bookshare now has personalized recommendations based on your reading history. Individual members can log into Bookshare and see book recommendations on your My Bookshare page. You can also see recommendations, newly added titles, popular books on Bookshare, and more on the Discover page

Teachers, you will be able to enable (or disable) book recommendations for student members in the new year. Stay tuned.

Help Others Find Their Joy 

Do you want to help spread the joy of reading? Please consider donating to help others find their joy in reading. Through a generous $30,000 match, your donation will spread the joy of reading times two!

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