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Category: Accessible educational materials (AEM)

Indications of Improvements in Reading

From time to time, we receive indications of improvements in test scores of students who use Bookshare. To be clear, these improvements cannot and should not be attributed directly to the use of Bookshare because many factors contribute to scores. However, the improvements are encouraging signs that digital accessible text can make a difference. At the recent OSEP (Office of Special Education Programs) demonstration event at Toyon Elementary School in San Jose, California, special education teacher Tammy Irvine said, “We’re seeing results not just in their motivation and enjoyment of reading, but in their standardized test scores. While many factors…

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Parent Determination Leads to Son’s Success

This article was originally published on My name is Kathy Thompson and my son Jeffrey is a great kid and an excellent athlete. You would think that he doesn’t have a care in the world, except to make the first string on his football or wrestling team, but that is far from the case. Since kindergarten, Jeffrey struggled to read. As his school assignments got tougher, the pain grew more visible and homework nights were met with frustration. Words stuck in his brain. We often talked about why his friends could read well and he could not. By sixth…