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Redwood Literacy Unlocks the Power of Bookshare

In an interview with the Redwood Literacy staff, Benetech asked a number of questions regarding digital literacy. Below are their answers with an overview of how the organization uses Bookshare to improve literacy among students. Redwood Literacy is an organization committed to offering top-notch literacy remediation to any student who needs it, regardless of how much money they have or where they live in the world. They offer a variety of in-person services in Chicago as well as virtual services both nationally and internationally. Redwood believes that the pathway towards literacy access includes both remediation and accommodation. We use the analogy…

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Bookshare Opens a World of Possibilities for Jared

Jared is a high-school senior in Southern California with a joyful personality and eagerness to evoke change for students like himself. He is the subject of Benetech’s latest student spotlight. Despite being quadriplegic with low vision and battling stage 2 spastic cerebral palsy, Jared continues to be an independent beacon of light in his community. Jared is a long-time Bookshare user and expert, who participates in the Bookshare Student Roundtables, which give students a chance to share insights on their educational experiences, provide feedback on their Bookshare usage, and learn from peers with similar reading challenges. After graduation, Jared plans…

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Bookshare Receives a Complete Collection of Novels Donated by Author Michael La Ronn

Benetech and Bookshare are pleased to present Michael La Ronn, a science fiction & fantasy author from St. Louis, Missouri, who has written over 90 books in the areas of science fiction, fantasy, and self-help. His YouTube channel, Author Level Up, has over 46,000 subscribers and a few million lifetime views, including videos that teach writers how to write better and become better versions of themselves. Over the course of his extensive writing career, Michael has managed to balance his law school studies, a 9-to-5 job, as well as caring for his wife and family. It is notable that Michael…

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