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Bookshare’s Secret Weapon for Equity & Accessibility in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Benetech and Bookshare presents, Sarah Caswell, Benetech’s Outreach Coordinator based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Learn about Sarah, and the wonderful work she is doing to further equity in education.


What is Social-Emotional Learning and Why Are Teachers Using It? 

What is social-emotional learning (SEL) and why is it important? Explore these Bookshare books that model SEL behaviors like resilience, kindness, courage, and overcoming obstacles, and learn some positive phrases that encourage a growth mindset.

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Reading Superheroes Save the Day at Maybury Elementary

Gwendolyn Carter, Resource Teacher at Maybury Elementary School in Detroit, uses her superpowers – instruction, Bookshare ebooks, and assistive technology – to help her students close reading gaps. Learn how one of her students, Jose, uses word highlighting with text-to-speech audio to help him decode and increase fluency and comprehension. This support helps him read the superhero books that his friends read.

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Raven Riley Dreams Big 

Raven Riley, Bookshare member from northern California, is excited to start college and embark on a career in biopsychology. With help from disability resources for her visual impairment and self-advocacy skills she has honed over the years, she is confident that she can achieve her dreams. In this blog she shares her academic goals, how she uses Bookshare and assistive technology to read and learn, and her favorite video games.


What’s Cool for School this Fall? 

The Bookshare community is filled with expert educators, accessibility specialists, and student advocates. We recently connected with several members who shared valuable ideas and insights for teachers and parents as the new school year gets started. Enjoy this round-up of assistive technology tips, free tools for struggling readers and writers, navigating mental health, AEM, and UDL.

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