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Parent Spotlight – The Impact of Digital Literacy on One Child, sponsored by Kurzweil, a Bookshare partner

Special thanks to Darla Hatton, a certified reading specialist who sent us this article. Mrs. Hatton created Dyslexia Facts ( to provide information and resources to parents of children with dyslexia. Her mission is to encourage parents to be better informed and to seek early interventions for their school-age children.

“As a mother with a familial propensity for reading difficulties, I knew that my preschool daughter was struggling. Her name is Kaila. She is dyslexic and was officially diagnosed in third grade. In her 5th grade year, I reviewed the required paperwork and signed her up for a Bookshare account. I also viewed the webinars provided by Kurzweil and taught Kaila how to use this software program. We demonstrated that Kurzweil assisted Kaila in reaching the goals established by Florida’s Sunshine State Standards, and the software was included as part of her 504 plan. For Kaila, dyslexia affects the areas of decoding and fluency. She also has difficulty with tracking, spelling and writing mechanics. She started to become a competent reader when she used e-text obtained with Bookshare with the Kurzweil 3000 software, because the combination: 

  • Allows highlighting and extraction of key passages and terminology to create an outline or vocabulary list.
  • Provides written and audio access to word definitions and a dictionary.
  • Gives the ability to add electronic sticky notes or recorded voice notes to track assignment due dates and keep organized.

Kaila is now 14. She makes MP3 audio files which can easily be downloaded to her portable MP3 player or cell phone memory card. She will enter a public school and be placed in general education 9th grade classes. She is interested in being a veterinarian. These tools and resources (Bookshare and Kurzweil) will greatly assist her in achieving her goals. The combination of Bookshare files and Kurzweil 3000 has improved her self esteem and empowered her to become a more independent learner.” Learn about Kurzweil 3000 (

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