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Summer Roadtrip Reading Contest – Announcing the Winners!

Drum roll please. 

This year’s winners for the 2010 Bookshare Summer Road Trip contest are… each of the 340 students who registered and participated!  The contest was a “virtual road trip” where students downloaded and read books about our U.S. 50 states.  After reading, they submitted a short review, including one “cool” thing they learned about that state. 

Collectively, these students downloaded, read, and submitted reviews for over 840 books… way to go!  Everyone who participated should feel a great sense of accomplishment.  

Bookshare also wants to acknowledge our most active Road Trippers.  These are the top downloaders and readers for three grade levels, who criss-crossed the country at a dizzying pace.  We especially want to recognize our top readers; Nichole Maples who read over 140 books, Correy Crawford who read over 110 books, and Danielle Montour who read over 70 books.  Amazing!

Grades K-5

1st place – Correy Crawford

2nd place – Cameron Finch-Bridge

3rd place – Danielle Cowan

Grades 6-8

1st place – Danielle Montour

2nd place – Andrew Pimpo

3rd place – Rina Goldberg

Grades 9-12

1st place – Nichole Maples

2nd place – Carlos Ramirez

3rd place – Patrick Molloy

For their hard work and determination, these participants will be rewarded with the following prizes:

iPod Nano (1st place), Victor Reader Stream (2nd place), Bookshare gift pack (3rd place).

Thanks again to all our participants, parents, and teachers for making this past summer one of the best ever!

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  1. Taryn A.

    Wow, congrats, Correy! I had no idea that you loved to read so much!

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