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New Update for Read2Go … Now Available

Apple has now approved this release and it is available in the app store.

A new version of Read2Go is now available in the iTunes store. This version has support for iOS 5.0 and further enhancements for handling large books. Large books will be broken into smaller segments, but the segments will be invisible to the user. It’s version

Thanks for your patience!


  1. March Natividad

    The app has not yet been released. It’s been submitted to Apple and is pending approval. Once approved it will be available through iTunes/App Store. We apologize for the confusion – MN

    • Betsy Burgess

      No, there is no charge for the update.

  2. Betsy Burgess

    We do support images in R2G; however, you will need to transfer the books w/ images via iTunes. You can find out how to move books to iTunes in the Support Center on Bookshare. Look in the Read2Go section for the question about moving books to iTunes. (the 3rd question)

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