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New Bookshelf Tool Keeps Member’s Favorite Books ‘Top of Mind’

Avid reader Annette Moore, a relatively new Bookshare adult member, says Bookshelf helps her organize and track her favorite genres and keep them at the “top of her mind.”  Annette has lots of diverse reading interests!

“In addition to Christian fiction and romance, I like historical journals, books written in letter format, biographies, and I am a huge weather buff,” she said. “Bookshelf helps me categorize the books I want to read fast!”

One of the books on Annette’s Bookshelf is called Letters Home to Sarah, a compilation of letters from a gentleman in the Civil War written to his wife.

Blind since birth, Annette has downloaded and read over 80 eBooks from Bookshare in just one year. She is also a member of the National Library Service and uses her NLS player to read accessible books in MP3 and DAISY audio format.

“I’m not sure I consider myself an early adopter of technology,” says Annette, “but I know that I don’t like to sit at the computer and read. Using my portable player, I read in the kitchen, outside, or on the go!”

In February, as soon as Bookshare launched Bookshelf, Annette was ready to dive in.

“I log in, search for the books I want, and click the drop down box next to the book that says “add to my Bookshelf”—no more paper lists! When I log back in, the books are waiting for me. My shelf currently has several Christian titles, like The Chance by Karen Kingsbury, The Healing Quilt by Lauraine Snelling, The Little Sparrows (The Orphan Trains Trilogy, Book One) by Joanna Lacy, and Hometown Girl by Robin Lee Hatcher.

What’s next for Annette? “I’m setting my Bookshelf up for all the great storm-catcher thrillers and want to learn more about the weather and climate change.”

This video tutorial will help you learn how to use Bookshelf to create your own personal list of favorite titles.

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