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Parents, Is Your Child Ready for School?

Photo of a smiling women and boy in front of a computer with a caption, "Back to School."

This month we’re encouraging educators and parents to get ready for the new school year. If you missed our first blog, Back-to-School with Bookshare, please take a look now and share it.

In this blog, we want to address parents.  Starting the school year off right can set the tone for the entire year—especially when it comes to reading for children with print disabilities.  Many Bookshare parents, like you, have told us about the challenges of preparing early and getting resources and support that their child needs at the beginning of the school year.

Robbi, Andrew and Ben Cooper
Photo of the Cooper Family, Robbi, Andrew and their son, Ben.

Texas parents,  Robbi and Andrew Cooper like to prepare early.  Their son Ben, a seventh grader, has struggled with reading since he was diagnosed with dyslexia in first grade.

Robbi says that talking with teachers, AT specialists, librarians, principals, and the people in charge of curriculum can make all the difference!  “We make plans and talk with teachers prior to the start of each school year and it works,” said Robbi.

“Ben’s teachers have a better understanding of his reading challenges, and we set a plan in motion for the accommodations and support he needs to be successful. Turns out accessible books and technologies are the winning combination for my son! Bookshare has enhanced his love of literature while he continues to build a strong vocabulary.”

Robbi encourages other parents to tell school administrators that an organizational membership to Bookshare is free, and that children who qualify should have both individual and organizational memberships so they can get their schoolbooks, including textbooks, on time, as well as fun books they can read on their own.

What can you do to make sure your child is ready?

Start by making sure your child’s individual Bookshare membership is up-to-date!

  • Your new personalized homepage will display your child’s account status.
  • If it is incomplete, follow the steps to make sure your child can access Bookshare books and reading tools.

This is a what your personalized home page will look like.

Screen shot of Bookshare Individual Membership Status Page.
Screen shot of Bookshare Individual Membership Status Page.


Don’t have an individual membership yet?

Visit our Back-to-School Resource page for parents for detailed information.

It’s never too late to sign your child up. Do it today!


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