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Honoring Black History Month – February

Photo collage of historic black individuals in American History
Photo collage of historic black individuals in American History

February is Black History Month. Did you know that Carter G. Woodson originated Black History Week in 1926 in an effort to place African American history into the study of American history?

In preparation for this event, here are titles to check out in the Bookshare library in honor of many individuals who impacted American history.

We also invite you to join our discussions on Facebook about these courageous men and women.

Carter G. Woodson—A Life in Black History by Jacqueline Goggin (HS, College, Adult)

In 1912, Woodson (1875­­–1950) became the first and only individual of slave parentage to earn a Ph.D. in history. He founded the Journal of Negro History, wrote and edited numerous books and publications, and through his research and writing established black history as a legitimate field of inquiry.

African American History  by Darlene Clark Hine, Stanley Harrold and William C. Hine (HS, College, Adult)

Textbook that traces the history of black people in America from colonization to present day.

The African American Almanac—9th Edition by Jeffrey Lehman and Andrew P. Jackson (HS, College, Adult)

The African American Almanac provides a range of historical and current information on African American history, society, and culture.

Freedom Flyers—the Tuskegee Airmen of World War II by J. Todd Moye (High School, College, Adult)

As the country’s first African American military pilots, the Tuskegee Airmen fought in World War II on two fronts: 1) against the Axis powers in the skies over Europe and (2) against Jim Crow racism and segregation at home.

Booker T. Washington—The Wizard of Tuskegee 1901–1915 by Louis R. Harlan (Adult)

Booker T. Washington was the most powerful black American of his time. The author reveals Washington’s complex personality—in sharp contrast to his public demeanor, he was a ruthless power broker.

Frederick Douglas—American Heroes by Kevin Cunningham (K-12 NIMAC Textbook)

Available to public K-12 schools and organizations in the U.S. for students with an IEP.

I am Rosa Parks by Rosa Parks (Children’s Book, 3rd Grade)

Rosa Parks is the black woman whose acts of civil disobedience led to the 1956 Supreme Court order to desegregate buses in Montgomery, Alabama. She explains what she did and why.

Bessie Coleman—First Black Woman Pilot by Connie Plantz (Children’s Book)

Explores the personal and professional life of an exemplary woman.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
Photo of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Thank You Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. by Eleanora E. Tate (Children’s Book)

The children of Gumbo Grove Elementary School discover the contributions of many famous Afro-Americans during Black History Month.

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