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Stay Connected to Get More Out of Bookshare!

World globe images of trees, tech, people and places.
World globe images of trees, tech, and places.

In this blog, you’ll get the scoop on all your favorite online hotspots like the Bookshare blog, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest so that you can quickly reach our staff, get timely answers to your questions, learn about Bookshare products, trainings and events and connect with the broader community that supports people with print disabilities. Are you fully connected? If not, join us now!

The Bookshare Blog

 Bookshare blog logo
Bookshare blog logo

If you like reading stories, the Bookshare blog is your best bet! It’s a great place to keep up with real-time news and events, learn best practices, and enjoy testimonials from members who use accessible books for anywhere, anytime reading. You’ll also learn about hot new trends, national and world events, and the related books we have in the library.  Subscribe to the blog now, and when new posts come out, you’ll be the first to know. Plus, hear about new products, features, and online trainings.


Bookshare’s Facebook Community

Facebook Logo - the letter "F"
Facebook Logo – the letter “F”

Facebook is a favorite discussion destination for Bookshare parents, students, and teachers who want to share ideas, learn about new books, and keep up with fun events and contests.  You’ll get quick updates in your timeline that you can click to get the full story. You can comment and share favorite posts and books with friends. You can ask questions and share topics on the Bookshare page.  Join our discussions on Facebook now as we celebrate groups like the Girl Scouts and events like National Women’s History Month and Poetry Month.


Bookshare’s Twitter Community

Twitter Logo - bird chirping
Twitter Logo – bird chirping

Are quick, direct messages more your style of communicating? Bookshare’s Twitter community is a fast and easy way to get all the information you need in 140 characters or less! You can always click to get the full story or retweet to share with others, and we appreciate when you do that!  Using Twitter, you can also send a direct message to our staff. Follow @Bookshare on Twitter today, and use these beneficial hashtags: #spedchat, #disability, #dyslexia, #assistivetech.


Bookshare’s Pinterest Boards

Pinterest Logo - the letter "P"
Pinterest Logo – the letter “P”

If you like photos and interesting stories about books, education, and technology, then follow us on Pinterest.  You’ll find resources and tips for educators and parents with fun visuals to spark your creativity! We’ll make sure to describe images so everyone can access them, and we hope you will too.  We invite you to follow Bookshare on Pinterest and please repin our posts on your boards—a nice compliment for us and so much fun!


Are you fully connected? If not, join us now!

Illustration of people in a circle connected to an Internet hub
Illustration of people in a circle connected to an Internet hub.

Whether you are an educator looking for teacher-recommended novels and K-12 textbooks, a parent hoping to enrich your child’s reading experience at home, a college student doing research, or an adult looking for bestsellers, Bookshare’s online communities will give you the right information at the right time. That’s our goal and we’re waiting for you!

Why not join one or all of these social media channels to reap the most reward from your Bookshare membership or sponsorship? It can help you to use the library and reading technologies most effectively!  And if none of these channels are the right recipe for you, please add a comment to our blog telling us other ways you would like to stay connected and other topics you would like to hear about.  Thanks!

The Bookshare Staff


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