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Bookshare Student Shares Reading Success in White House Film Festival

Carson sitting in front of his laptop.
Carson sitting in front of his laptop.

There’s no better form of flattery than receiving a really cool testimonial about the Bookshare library. Whether you do it in a handwritten note, a quick email, or a video testimonial, it’s just awesome to receive your thoughts and we always feel so honored!

That’s why we’re featuring this fabulous video created by Carson Maxson, an 8th grader from Olivet Middle School, Michigan, and his English teacher, Sallie Spencer, a former K-12 principal and Bookshare Mentor Teacher.

How Read2Go Moved My Life

Carson reading a digital book on his iPad with Read2Go app and headphones.
Carson reading a digital book on his iPad with Read2Go app and headphones.

Carson and Sallie created this video, “How Read2Go Moved My Life,” for the first White House Student Film Festival to demonstrate how technology can change learning experiences in school. Over 2,500 students responded to the call for videos, and we have no doubt that President Obama and the White House staffers were thrilled with all the students’ submissions, including Carson’s!

Enjoy his video and if you’ve got a story to share, let us know about it by posting on our Facebook channel or commenting in this blog.

Great job Carson! A special thank-you and round of applause to you and Mrs. Spencer for demonstrating your use of technology for learning in school!

Stay tuned for an upcoming blog by Mrs. Spencer about Carson’s learning journey and the amazing progress he has made in his academic reading level and reading for pleasure.

P.S. We would love to receive your videos, photos and testimonials about your use of Bookshare.  Please note that whenever possible, please include captions and image descriptions to improve accessibility for all.

Thank you!

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  1. Teresa Montague

    Way to go Carson and Mrs. Spencer, way to make reading fun and interesting to the reader’s choice and interests, hopefully others will be inspired to try the program too.

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