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Sharing Best Practices to Celebrate National Teacher Appreciation Day!

Today we recognize educators everywhere for their dedication to teaching. That’s why we’re featuring some of the country’s most effective educators and specialists who work with students with print disabilities.

Did you know that across the country, there are nearly 500 Bookshare Mentor Teachers? They use the online library and reading tools in innovative ways in their classrooms and to train other teachers, students, and parents.

Why Do Bookshare Mentor Teachers Do What They Do?      

When asked, they’ll tell you it’s for the children, teens, and older students who could not enjoy reading a book or studying advanced curriculum. Each best practice below represents a tried and true teaching idea or creative way to use Bookshare and reading technologies, brought to you by experts in the field. Take a moment to learn from some of the nation’s best now!

 Jennifer Appleton
Jennifer Appleton

Jennifer Appleton, Reading Specialist at Virginia Alternative Paths Training School, VA

Make Stories Come Alive Through Accessible Books and Sensory Learning

Jennifer likes to pair literature with a sensory learning experience so she can create positive and lasting memories to foster the love of reading.


CathyCathy Wilson, Dyslexia Specialist
Cathy Wilson

Cathy Wilson, Dyslexia Teacher, Coppell ISD, TX

Introduce Children with Print Disabilities to Technology Early to Help Them Be Independent 

Cathy likes to train young students with learning disabilities, such as dyslexia, about technologies with text-to-speech so they can see words highlighted and hear text read aloud simultaneously. This strengthens and reinforces students’ multi-modal learning skills—a universal design for learning (UDL) concept.


Jessica Chandler, Teacher at Middletown Schools, Ohio
Jessica Chandler

Jessica Chandler, Teacher of the Visually Impaired and Certified Orientation and Mobility Specialist, Ohio

School-to-Home Access Includes Digital Books, iPads, and Apps

Jessica advocates for Bookshare and trains other colleagues to use it. Her goal is to ensure that more students with print disabilities gain reading independence. Her tip is to encourage parents to approve Bookshare Individual Memberships so their children can extend reading practice.


Theresa Brousseau, MS, MS Ed, Teacher of the Visually Impaired and Bookshare Mentor Teacher
Theresa Brousseau

Theresa Brousseau, Teacher of the Visually Impaired, NY

Praise for Bookshare’s Accessible Books and Reading Technologies


Theresa says, “With digital accessible books and reading software or portable devices, students can and will improve their reading fluency and comprehension skills.”


Sallie Spencer, Former Principal, Reading and Special Ed Teacher, Olivet,
Sallie Spencer

Sallie Spencer, Reading and Special Ed Teacher, MI  

Bookshare Student Shares Reading Success in White House Film Festival

Sallie will tell you what a great difference Bookshare and portable devices have made for her students, especially 8th grader Carson Maxson, who submitted a video to President Obama for the first White House Student Film Festival. His video demonstrates his reading success using technology and Bookshare in the classroom.


David Cohen Bookshare Mentor Teacher sitting at his desk.
David Cohen

David Cohen, Vision Technology Coordinator, New York City Department of Education’s District 75/Citywide Services

Value of Bookshare’s Online Library for Visually Impaired Students


Implementing Bookshare in a large district takes a lot of planning and management, plus technological know-how. David will describe his process for supporting students who read accessible books with technology on all types of devices.


Photo of Lisa Gutheil, VI Teacher.
Lisa Gutheil

Lisa Gutheil, Teacher of the Visually Impaired, NY

Train Teachers and Students Together


Lisa likes to train students and teachers together—a flipped classroom experience! She says, “Kids get the technology fast!”


Kristie Eagles, Resource Room Reading Teacher, Central Middle School, MI

Ms. Eagles in her Resource Classroom Room
Kristie Eagles

Homework Assignment: Give Every Student What They Need for Success!

Kristie wants to make sure that every student gets the resources and technologies they need to be successful.

On this National Teacher Appreciation Day, we thank all educators who are trailblazers in using accessible education materials. You make a difference in the lives of thousands of students! Please keep encouraging Bookshare Individual Memberships, and thank you for creating fun reading adventures and reading independence.

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