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Cheers to Bookshare Moms—Our Heroes and Ambassadors of Accessible Books!

Today on Mother’s Day, we shout out a Happy Mother’s Day to Bookshare moms!  Thank you for dreaming of a world where all children enjoy the best possible reading experience. Through your extraordinary efforts to advocate for accessible books and technologies, tens of thousands of children with print disabilities can now study alongside their classmates, read a popular children or teen series, and learn independently for the first time. In this blog, we’re sharing stories about extra special moms and kids who believe in this mission.

We also want you to know about the new Bookshare Parent Ambassador Program and invite you to join our online community of parents and caregivers who want to help more families learn about Bookshare. This network will bring together parents who want to grow their knowledge, share information and resources, and talk with families of children with print disabilities.

Now on to these great stories about moms around the U.S. who are ambassadors for reading equality. Maybe we’ll feature your good works next!

Kathy Stratton and her son and daughter
Kathy Stratton and her son and daughter

Mrs. Kathy Stratton, New Jersey

Bookshare Student Advisor Receives 2013 CEC Yes I Can! Award

Kathy and her son Brian travel with members of the Decoding Dyslexia NJ group to Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., to seek support for educational issues. They want to encourage more participation in the Congressional Dyslexia Caucus. Brian is a student adviser for Bookshare.  He also writes a popular assistive technology blog that regularly features Bookshare product news.  In 2013, Brian won the CEC Yes I Can! Award for his advocacy.


Casey Meadows
Casey Meadows

Mrs. Casey Meadows, Texas

iPad, Digital Books, and Portable Reading App Open New World of Learning for 7th Grader

Last year, Casey met with her local school to talk about the reading success of her son, Connor when he uses digital books and technologies. Connor has cerebral palsy and loves to read.

Casey gave his teachers information about the local Bookshare teacher training program too, called Accessible Books for Texas (ABT).

She encouraged school administrators to apply for an Organizational Membership to Bookshare and routinely encourages educators and parents to ensure that all children who qualify have Individual Memberships.  This enables them to download books outside of school for reading pleasure, especially over the summer.

Jennifer Pletcher and daughter Finley
Jennifer Pletcher and daughter, Finley

Mrs. Jennifer Pletcher, MA, and Cheryl Walker, MD

Moms Say, “Bookshare Unlocks Reading Potential for Early Learners”

This terrific blog features two great moms, Jennifer Pletcher and Cheryl Walker, who want to ensure that their daughters, Finlay and Rachel, have access to Bookshare and reading technologies at home. You’ll love the video, photos, and heartfelt wishes in this terrific post. It will inspire you!

Robbie Cooper and her son, Ben
Robbi Cooper and son, Ben

Mrs. Robbi Cooper, Texas

How Digital Books Helped My Family Navigate Dyslexia NCLD blog

Speaking of inspiration, our Mother’s Day blog wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the efforts of Robbi Cooper, a true advocate for digital accessible books and reading technologies in school. Robbi’s speaking and writing efforts have enhanced the knowledge of many, many families. Read Robbi’s blog for the National Center on Learning Disabilities (NCLD) to tap into her wealth of information, experiences, and tested resources.

For new moms and dads who want to learn more about Bookshare, read this blog: Parents, Is Your Child Ready for School? It will give you guidance and simple steps to sign up students who qualify for Bookshare Individual Memberships. Summer is a great time to get started.

Happy Mother’s Day and thank you! 

people holding hands with the text "stay connected"Join our family and tell us on Facebook about other great moms and children making a difference. Check out the new Bookshare Parent Ambassador Program and stay connected to Bookshare on all the social media channels for more product updates, cool stories, events, and popular book titles.

P.S. Did you enjoy these stories about great moms? We’ll leave you with two more!

Parent Advocates for Learning Portability for Children with Chronic Illness by Mrs. Ann Bopp, Texas

Fifth Grader Builds Independence with Bookshare’s Individual Membership and Reading Tools by Mrs. Jessie Drake, California


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