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Support Question of the Month: How Do You Renew Your Individual Membership?

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Renew Your Bookshare Membership Now!

Our June support blog on how to renew your Bookshare Individual Membership is just in time for our Summer of Sleuth’s Reading Contest.

Have you tried logging into your account, but were unable to download books? It’s possible that your Bookshare membership has expired. Make sure your membership is up-to-date by following the easy steps below and join us for a super fun summer reading event! The contest begins on June 16th.

Steps to Renew as a Student Member:

1. Log into Bookshare, select “My Account” in your Task Bar.

2. Choose the “Student Status” link, update your school information, then select Submit.

Steps to Renew as a Non-Student Member:

1. Log into Bookshare and select “My Account.”

2. Select the “Subscription” link, then complete the Renew Your Subscription section.

If you’re logged into your account on a mobile device like a tablet or smartphone, it may be necessary to first log out and then log back in to your Bookshare account for your membership renewal to take effect.

For more information or to get answers to commonly asked support questions, visit our Support Center. It’s chalked full of great information! You can also submit questions to our support team directly. Please do share your questions with our Bookshare community by posting a comment in this blog, on Facebook or Twitter. We’ll address it in a future post.

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P.S. The Bookshare Web Reader could be an important tool for you in our Summer Sleuths Reading Contest.

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