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Mr. Mercedes…NEW Stephen King Thriller!

Mr. Mercedes book cover. Image of an umbrella dripping with blood.
Mr. Mercedes book cover. Image of an umbrella dripping with blood.

Nothing will start your summer reading engine faster than a suspenseful thriller! And who writes them better than Stephen King? Fans of mystery and suspense fiction are revved up for King’s latest book, Mr. Mercedes, just released! We’re delighted to have this new thriller available to download in the Bookshare collection of over a quarter million titles! If you are a Stephen King enthusiast, the good news is that Mr. King has forged into a whole new category of books—crime dramas. This one is being described as his first true detective novel. For this reason, we felt driven to include it in our Summer of Sleuths Reading Contest, which features an array of detective and mystery books for U.S. Individual Members to relish this summer. Titles for U.S. Adult Readers Mr. Mercedes is one of 15 Summer of Sleuths titles that adults can enjoy reading for the contest. The book is in good company, with classic works by masters of mystery and suspense such as Lee Child, Harlan Corban, J.D. Robb, Clive Cussler, and James Patterson. Titles for U.S. Students in 9th Grade and Up Adolescent readers who participate in the contest can choose from an impressive list of thrillers, including Vanished, Paper Towns, Nobody’s Secret, and Alliance, to name a few. Titles for U.S. Students in Kindergarten through 8th Grade Younger students who are individuals members can participate in the Summer of Sleuths Contest  and navigate 15 equally intriguing mysteries with fictional young detectives such as Cam Jansen, Nancy Drew, Theodore Boone, and Encyclopedia Brown. Answer Clues to Win Contest Prizes! To participate in the contest, Bookshare Individual Members will submit answers to questions from these books. The more answers you submit, the better your chances of winning cool sleuth-worthy prizes! If you haven’t already done so, sign up for notification of the Summer of Sleuths Contest. Then, download books and search for answers to these clues and questions. You can submit your answers on the contest website between June 16th and August 1st. If you choose to read Mr. Mercedes, let us know if you think Stephen King will find a space in the superstore-sized parking lot of crime dramas. Tell us why on Facebook, Twitter (hashtag #SummerOfSleuths), and Pinterest. people holding hands with the text "stay connected"Stay connected to Bookshare on all the social media channels for news of the latest thrillers and popular bestsellers, product updates, member stories, events, and much more to come!

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