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Get Inspired with an Individual Membership

Student reading on a laptop with both hands raised in the air in excitement with the tagline "Inspire Independent Reading"

Are you or your child or student ready to access Bookshare independently this new school year? Students with qualifying print disabilities can boost their academic independence by doing the following:

  • Finding their own books
  • Accessing teacher reading lists for school assignments
  • Reading with the easy-to-use Bookshare Web Reader

Make sure you or your child or student is ready with an Individual Membership!


Log into your Bookshare account and send pre-filled Individual Membership forms to your student’s parents (under 18 years) or to the students (18 years and above) so they can sign and send back to Bookshare. View detailed instructions and a tutorial.

If your students already have access at school and at home, but you cannot share reading lists because the accounts are not linked, follow these steps.


If your child is not yet a Bookshare member at home or school, sign them up today!

If your child already has an Individual Membership, but is not connected to their school account, let your child’s teacher know they can link the accounts so they can share reading lists.


If you are 18 years or older, you can sign yourself up today!



  1. susan ufer

    My son is a high school senior and has been using Bookshare for several months as part of our school/school district’s membership. When will he be required to activate an individual membership? When that occasion comes along will we need to show evidence of his dyslexia? What will the fee be for him to be a member in college?

    • Bookshare Team Member

      Hi Susan! Thanks so much for communicating with us on the Bookshare blog.

      Your son can get an Individual Membership at any time, and his membership will be free as long he is in school, including college. Since he already has a membership at school, I would share this blog with your son’s teacher to easily print pre-filled Individual Membership forms since the school already created an account. If your son is unable to get the forms through his school, you can always sign him up on on your own using the links in the post. We recommend working with your teacher first.

      If you have more questions, please contact our membership team at this link:

      Be well!

  2. I’m a student with disability I have MD sever condition and thank to Bookshare great services I’m learning and studying my favorite researches. I study in Cuyamaca College in California and I have a plan to transfer to SDSU with a major in history. My dream is to be a political analyst because I wish that someday I’ll have a role in defeating terrorism and terrorists so America and the entire world live in peace. Thank you bookshare staff members I love you all.

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