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Bookshare Mentor Teachers Go Extra Mile to Inspire Independent Readers

 Colorful image of paper dolls holding hands.

Colorful image of paper dolls holding hands to celebrate International Literacy Day!

Dedication is the one word we use when referring to the more than 500 U.S. teachers and specialists who participate in the Bookshare Mentor Teacher program.

Because of their commitment throughout the school year, hundreds, if not thousands, of new educators, parents, and students with qualified print disabilities are now members of Bookshare. They can effectively use the library and reading technologies for academic success.

Are you an educator who wants to go the extra mile to ensure reading equality and independence?

Do you want to empower more students to stay on task with reading assignments in school and become lifelong and independent readers at home? Are you interested in training other teachers, parents, and students on how to effectively use Bookshare? Consider joining our network!

What do Bookshare Mentor Teachers do in their schools and community?

  • Answer common questions about how to effectively use Bookshare in schools and at home
  • Provide staff training and support to local schools, districts, students, and families
  • Develop and share best practices so that others can learn and replicate successful models

What are the benefits of joining the Bookshare Mentor Teacher Program?

  • Access to training materials you can use at your schools
  • Opportunities to network and share resources through the Bookshare Mentors Google group
  • Access to Bookshare news first and opportunities to beta test new products
  • Rewards and prizes, like IOS and Android devices and gift cards for school supplies
  • Recognition on Bookshare’s blog and in social media
Nalida L. Besson, MEd, MPA, JD Boston Public Schools

Throughout the years, we feature Bookshare Mentor Teachers on our blog and their reasons for participating in our national network. Here’s what a few had to say at the start of this school year.

“Being a Bookshare Mentor enables me to help more students and teachers be knowledgeable about the library resource. This way, I can enrich more students’ lives by giving them the ability to download accessible books and use a variety of technologies for reading success.” —Nalida L. Besson, MEd, MPA, JD, Boston Public Schools

 * * *

Monica Rathsack
Monica Rathsack, Physical Therapist, Appleton, WI

“I’ve been mentoring teachers, students, and parents on Bookshare since 2007. The library gets better every year! There are more books, more download options, more reading options, and more support videos every time I look. It is a pleasure to work with an organization that is so responsive to the needs of its members!”  —Monica Rathsack, Physical Therapist, Appleton School District, WI

* * *

Melanie Shaefer.JPG
Melanie Schaefer, AT Consultant, Bend OR

Melanie Schaefer, Assistive Technology Consultant in Bend, Oregon said, “One of the things that I love about Bookshare is that it is so versatile! This allows us to provide books to students based on their preference of tools – iPads or iTouches, PCs, Macs, Chromebooks, Android – and their preference of format – audio only or text with audio. When we give students choices, we find increased independent reading.”

 * * *

Leisha Crawford, Special Education Teacher, Grand Rapids, MI

Liesha Crawford, Special Education Teacher at Alger Middle School, Grand Rapids, MI Public Schools, sums it up by telling teachers and families why she goes the extra mile to help them use Bookshare. Liesha says, “Seriously, I don’t get paid for this. I just believe in this extraordinary online library and educational resource!”

About the Bookshare Mentor Teacher Program

The Bookshare Mentor Teacher program began in 2010 to support the nation’s top teachers and assistive technology specialists. It provides training tools to engage educators, parents, and students in the effective use of Bookshare’s online accessible library and reading technologies. Over 500 educators and specialists have now joined the network and work in their local communities and schools to advocate on behalf of students with print disabilities. Bookshare Mentor Teachers also develop and share best practices with other teachers across the United States.  Join us!



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