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Logged Into Bookshare, But Can’t Download. Renew Today!

Screen Capture of Bookshare Membership Options web page.

If you’ve tried logging into your account but were unable to download books, it’s possible that your Bookshare membership has expired.  Although Individual Memberships are free for U.S. students with print disabilities, it’s important to keep your school information up-to-date every year too.  This will ensure a smooth transition back-to-school and uninterrupted access to the books you need for school and fun!

Bookshare Support Portal and Renewal Reminders

Screen capture of Bookshare Support Portal web page.

Bookshare does send out email reminders to renew your account.  Remember too, that you can always visit our support portal to find answers to commonly asked questions about membership.

If you’ve missed your email reminder, follow this easy two-step process and you’ll be ready to go!

  1. Log in to Bookshare, and select “My Account” in your task bar.
  2. Choose the “Student Status” link, update your school information, then select “Submit.”
Hand holding a smartphone
Hand holding a smartphone

Here’s a tip!  If you are logged into your Bookshare account on a mobile device, like a tablet or smart phone, it may be necessary to first log out and then log back in for your membership renewal to take effect.

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  1. HI,
    I am a special education teacher in a Chicago Public School. I really would like my own account! The password has been lost. I would prefer my own account, but if that is not possible, please send me the log-in and password information for Charles Gates Dawes Chicago Public Schools.

    Thank you,
    Julie Fitzpatrick

    • Bookshare Team Member

      Hi Julie…our membership team will contact you soon. Regards!

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