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Dear Bookshare…Love Letters to Celebrate the Joy of Reading!

Photo collage of people reading books and the text, "You Never Know Who You Will Inspire With Your Story."February is the sweetest month of the year, but did you know that it is also Library Lovers Month?  So today – Valentine’s Day – we are reminded of the people we love and of the things we love to do, like reading.

Across our nation and the world, in tweets, letters and posts, Bookshare members tell us about their use of the online accessible library and their love of reading digital accessible books.

Members say that 2016 will be a memorable year for reading, and we agree! Whether you want to improve your reading skills or help a student improve theirs; try new technology devices and apps or find bestsellers, check the Bookshare library first. We know you’ll find what you want to read, and if you don’t, request the book to be added to the collection. Like the photo says, “You never know who you will inspire with your story,” and we thank these Bookshare members for sharing their experiences.


Dear Bookshare:

Until I found Bookshare through my local library, I preferred others to read to me, but not anymore. I was so impressed by the number of books in your collection. Now, I read 30 books a month on average. I’m amazed at the formats available too. I can discuss books with my friends and tweet about them. This keeps me connected. I encourage other blind readers to give text to speech a try. You can still cry from a good book!

Sincerely, Noelia Da Rosa, member


Dear Bookshare:

When I discover a character that I really like, I binge read a series and am most passionate about British mysteries, like Inspector Barnaby, Inspector Frost, DCI Banks, Inspector Rutledge, Miss Marple, and Poirot and classics like Dante and Shakespeare. I enjoy historical books, and historical fiction such as “The Book Thief.”  When I was young I had the fantasy of reading every book ever written. I read all of the elementary books in my school library.  At three years old, I started reading Talking Books and now enjoy reading on my braille display, or listening to books. I deeply appreciate Bookshare, and all resources of this nature for giving me the lifelong treasure of reading.

Sincerely, Bill Powell, Workforce Trainer


Dear Bookshare:

Ordinarily, I spend ten minutes at my computer and my minimal vision deteriorates. Using your online library and mobile devices, I adjust the print size, font colors, and background contrasts and it makes reading easier. Now, I’m considering a book club with friends and pursuing continuing education courses. Bookshare has literally been eye-opening!”

Sincerely, Vashti Persaud, member


Dear Bookshare:

We have a young 7th grader who uses Read2Go on a daily basis. It has helped her grow her understanding of books where comprehension can sometimes be a struggle. She loves that she can tap on a word and find the definition right away. Read2Go has allowed her to read several books already this school year. Her teachers and her family are so thankful to our district for allowing her to use an iPad and to Bookshare to help her be able to read easily!

Sincerely, Sallie Spencer, Michigan teacher


Dear Bookshare:

I’ve always loved to read, especially when it comes to learning.  You have so many books to choose from, no matter what category I’m interested in, such as sign language, learning to cook, environmental issues and living sustainably. Through Bookshare, I have found helpful books that I can use and refer back to. I haven’t been able to find them in an accessible format anywhere else.”

Sincerely, Leilani Ramos, member


Dear Bookshare:

“Reading accessible books enables me to join in more group discussions. I am learning to play chess too, and books from Bookshare have helped me to learn the game. I’ve also used books from the library on the police officer’s exam to help a friend study. Plus, I used a book on Multiple Sclerosis to explain my disability to our family. Using Bookshare has helped me to keep up on career advancement. “

Sincerely, Don Knapheide, retired software engineer

Opened Book with text, I Love to Read!


Happy Valentine’s Day!

Do you have a favorite title you want to share?

Please keep sharing your thoughts and excitement for a year filled with reading equality for children and adults with print disabilities. We love your letters, posts and tweets!

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