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Son’s Dyslexia Diagnosis Prompts Mom’s Search for Answers

Seth Gast has dyslexia and a language disorder. For three years, he has used Bookshare’s online accessible library for schoolwork and to find Boy Scout manuals to obtain his merit badges and become an Eagle Scout. His mom, Dina Gast, credits his academic progress to a renowned dyslexia center, excellent teachers and tutors, and Bookshare. In recognition of National Dyslexia Awareness Month, here is Seth’s story.

Seth Gast listening and reading a book on his smartphone with headphones on.

Early Reading Frustration

Entering first grade, Seth was a bright little boy, but his mom noticed his enthusiasm for school and learning diminish. He liked books, but seemed to be frustrated with reading. A shadow followed Seth and his family for years. His mom, Dina Gast, arose each day with uncertainty. She remembers her son bringing books home from school that he could recite from memory. Seth had begun to compensate for his reading challenges with memorization. Mrs. Gast talked with teachers about her son’s lack of reading progress and says, “You never want to hear that anything is wrong with your child, but the answers and solutions for my son did not come easily.”

Mrs. Gast began to help Seth with schoolwork; still, his reading interest and grades fell. By third grade, she enrolled him in the Ohio Virtual Academy, a tuition-free, fully-accredited, online public school. By sixth grade, Mrs. Gast scheduled tests at the Akron Children’s Hospital where a physician who specializes in neurology developmental and behavior science diagnosed Seth with dyslexia. He also recommended Bookshare and the Children’s Dyslexia Center, Inc. run by the Scottish Rite Charity and Masonic Order. Mrs. Gast quickly signed her son up for an individual membership to Bookshare.

From Barely Reading to Reading with Full Comprehension

For two years, Seth worked with his online teacher and a certified tutor at the Children’s Dyslexia Center using accessible ebooks from Bookshare. At that time, Seth in his boy scout uniform standing in the woods by a tree.Seth’s reading, writing and spelling skills were barely at a first grade level. “It’s been amazing to watch his progress,” says his mom. Seth went from barely reading to full comprehension. His handwriting, once gigantic and messy, turned into beautiful cursive. His vocabulary and spelling skills improved. Seth also has a much higher self-esteem and a greater understanding of his reading disability. “At first, I did not want people to know that I could not read,” he said. “I memorized a lot of books, but that got harder to do. Bookshare, my teachers, my technology and my mom helped me so much!”

Boy Scouts Honor

This year, Seth is completing his Boy Scouts of America merit badge series to become an Eagle Scout. He says, “I still like to hold a printed book or textbook, but I also want to hear the information read aloud.” He reads on an iPad with Read2Go.  “The best thing about a digital accessible book is that you can read with your eyes and listen with your ears. This type of multi-sensory learning sinks in for me. I know I am smart. My brain is just wired differently.”

Leisure Reading Sparks a Career Interest

Jack Hanna holding a baby tiger.Growing up, Seth loved to read about nature and animals. It is no surprise that in high school he does well in animal science and biology. He wants to attend Ohio State University to become a zoologist. He says, “I was inspired by Jack Hanna, a well-respected American zookeeper at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium who has dyslexia too.”

Since identifying Seth’s learning disability, Mrs. Gast is so proud of her son. “Our lives and Seth’s reading skills have improved significantly! He is still a slow reader, but listening to audio books has improved his ability to get schoolwork done with less frustration. He just completed his first semester in high school with all A’s. This achievement would not have been possible without  teachers who know the advantages of using accessible ebooks and technologies and these valuable resources to support children and adults with dyslexia and other print disabilities.”

Four Reasons to Sign Up for a Bookshare Membership

  1. Reading skills improvement to enable progress toward grade level academic achievement.
  2. Access to core curriculum and required reading materials (K-12 textbooks, novels and literature) in accessible format.
  3. Reading and learning independence.
  4. Reading for fun and to tap into interests and hobbies.

Special thanks to Dina Gast and her son, Seth,  for sharing their story.

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