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4 “Crazy” Ways to Inspire Your Uninspired Student Readers [Video]

Is your student or child uninspired about reading? Are they reading below grade level or experiencing reading difficulties? You are not alone. Many teachers and parents struggle to excite students about reading and learning. For Erin O’Leary, a reading specialist at Horace Mann Middle School, the key to engaging student readers is to create positive, enjoyable experiences around reading.

Erin is one of the “Crazy Reading Ladies,” a dynamic duo of educators who use innovative reading programs like author visits and book buffets to get students reading. Their creativity and dedication have helped students with reading barriers, like dyslexia, and inspired schools around the nation to adopt similar programs.

How do the “Crazy Reading Ladies” do it? In this four-part video segment, Erin shares insights and reading programs that could help your child or students.

Part 1: Give Them Great Books

In Part 1, Erin speaks about keeping good books in the lives of students and giving them the time and space to read.


Part 2: Make Reading Easier with Tools

In Part 2, Erin shares her experience with tools like Bookshare and explains how audio-supported reading is just as valid and acceptable as any other reading method.


Part 3: Build Their Confidence

In Part 3, Erin shares a success story with her 8th grader and how she helped build confidence in his reading skills with the help of Bookshare.


Part 4: Make Reading Social and Fun

In Part 4, Erin describes how planning school-wide initiatives like author visits and book buffets can help turn reading into a social experience.


The Bookshare team thanks Erin for sharing her tips and expertise. Learn more about “The Crazy Reading Ladies.”

Bookshare is FREE for qualified U.S. students with reading barriers.

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