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Bookshare’s Summer Reading Lists Offer a Universe of Stories

Follow these tips and book suggestions to get students ready for a summer of successful, independent reading

Summer is almost here! Have you prepared your students for the summer break?

The summer slide is real. Many students experience reading regression after long breaks, especially after summer vacation. According to the International Dyslexia Association (IDA), students lose an average of one month of academic learning each summer, and older students and students with learning disabilities are at a greater risk of losing their academic gains.

The good news? IDA research demonstrates the potential of summer reading programs to prevent or reduce summer slump in students with a variety of risk factors including dyslexia. Students who spend just two to three hours a week reading during summer vacation can avoid reading regression.

Countdown-to-Summer Checklist for Teachers

Teachers spend an average of six weeks in the fall remediating skills lost over the summer, so follow these steps to make sure your students can use Bookshare on their own and build valuable reading skills over the summer.

  1. Ensure your students have access to a reading tool that works for them
  2. Give students access to Bookshare at home (two options):
    • Student Login – students can log in and read books assigned by teachers. Subscribe students to the Summer Reading Lists or dozens of other lists. Create your own reading lists based on your school’s summer reading requirements or your students’ interests.
    • Individual Membership – students can log in, find their own books, and read independently.

Bookshare’s Summer Reading Lists Set Students Up for Success

Bookshare’s summer reading program features books selected for the Collaborative Summer Library Program. The Reading Lists provide enriching, age-appropriate tales of fantasy, science fiction, STEM, and other interesting topics. Combined with Bookshare’s helpful audio, word-level highlighting, braille, and customizable text and color features, reading is easier than ever. Explore the engaging titles handpicked for young readers, middle school students, teens, and adults:

Summer reading with Bookshare. Take yourself on a summer reading journey through a Universe of Stories.

Need more book suggestions? Explore all 420 special collections of books for all ages. Here’s to a summer filled with engaging books that students can read in whatever ways work for them.

Learn more about the Bookshare summer reading lists

Download a flyer about the summer reading lists

Emily Nostro is a Bookshare Collection Development Specialist and former Teacher of the Visually Impaired.

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