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What’s Your Favorite Book?

Book lovers share books that touched them and help us raise awareness about the importance of books for all

Readers from far and wide are sharing the #BooksBeloved that touched them, taught them something, made them laugh, or launched them into other worlds.

From Sister Dolores:

Yes, I have a book that I love–I Know This Much is True by Wally Lamb. The book touched me–it spoke to my heart–it told about real unselfish love and generosity and total goodness. I have read many, many books, but this one was special. I also feel that there would be no real world without books; that’s why I scan and proofread for Bookshare.

From Shonen:

My current favorite is The Ten Thousand Doors of January. It shows that there are infinite possibilities for us and books are one of the ways to access those potential realities for each person.

What Would Life Be Like Without Books?

Around the world, millions of people do not have access to books. They may lack resources or technology. They may have a disability that prevents them from reading. We invite you to share your favorite book and what it means to you. By sharing, we can raise awareness of the importance of books and the need to make them accessible to all.

We Invite You to Share Your #BooksBeloved

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From Noel:

Enders Game provided me with a fantastical world filled with geniuses to escape to! Enders Game is one of the most wonderful explorations of what is humane in the pursuit of greatness. The way Ender was treated pulled at my heartstrings and reminded me of some of my own struggles. His pain and understanding of what was being done to him reminded me of my experiences with dyslexia. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who likes anything sci-fi.

From Julie:

Reading was very difficult and arduous when I was young, but while in high school (on Christmas break for some reason) I read The Amityville Horror. It was the first book I read for pleasure. I loved it. I am now a voracious pleasure reader and have overcome my reading challenges (not my spelling challenges though). I don’t think I have read a horror book since, not my genre, but it was a really compelling introduction. I would love for children to find a book that really compels them to read for pleasure.

Join the conversation and tell us about your favorite book!

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