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Back to School 2020: Parents Can Support Students’ Learning from Anywhere

Bookshare’s ebook library is a proven lifesaver that helps parents support their children with special needs and their learning, whether it takes place in school or at home. 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the learning landscape for back to school 2020 is one of uncertain horizons and shifting sands. Parents are doing their best to shift gears on the fly and prepare their children for distance learning, hybrid learning, or in-person classes. Some families are even setting up pandemic learning pods or home micro-schools. 

Parents are adding new roles to their daily lives like teaching assistant, tutor, librarian, and counselor. For families of children with learning differences, they can add special education teacher, assistive technology specialist, physical therapist, and other roles that provide critical support to students with a range of disabilities. For many families, these newly inherited responsibilities can be overwhelming and stressful.  

Reliable Online Resources for Distance Learning 

Distance learning is here to stay, so parents need reliable and effective online resources to help their child continue to learn and grow at home. In particular, students with dyslexia, blindness, cerebral palsy or other reading barriers need tools that can help them get the kind of reading and learning supports they previously received from a team of specialists in the classroom.  

Bookshare can help. The free ebook library has over 900,000 books with features that help students with learning differences to read and learn independently. Students can listen to books read aloud, follow along with highlighted text, read books in braille or large font without assistance from others. In addition, by making reading easier, it allows students to focus on comprehension and learning. 

With Bookshare, parents and teachers can provide access to the books students need for school, including common core textbooks, manuals, accelerated readers, award winners, high interest/low vocabulary books, and more. See the extensive collection of books offered by Bookshare. 

Denver Parent Credits Bookshare for Daughter’s Success 

Deborah Campbell is a parent in the Denver area whose daughter, Alyssa, has dyslexia. She heard about Bookshare at a workshop on technology tools for students with learning disabilities. “Many parents and educators are unaware of Bookshare and the benefits of accessible ebooks to improve a child’s reading ability,” she says. “If you see a child falling behind or feeling frustrated and overwhelmed, seek out alternatives to capture their attention. Bookshare was the right solution for Alyssa. She reads significantly above grade level, manages her assignments independently, and has developed a true love of literature. Learn more about Bookshare and keep exploring ways your child can be engaged in the reading process.”     

Get Started with Bookshare’s Back to School Resources for Parents 

Parents can create free accounts for U.S. students with qualifying disabilities (teachers can create free accounts for their entire school) and can easily access books online from anywhere. Start by visiting Bookshare’s back to school resources for parents include tips for getting started, ways to find and read ebooks, webinars, video tutorials, and a community forum. 

Parents: Learn how to support your child at home or at school. Start Here.

Some amount of summer/COVID-19 slide is inevitable, but Bookshare is one resource that can help your child stay on track by providing ebooks that support learning from anywhere – whether it’s in a classroom, on a couch, or somewhere in between. 

Are you an educator? Learn how Bookshare can support your students in any learning environment.

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