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#WeAreGrateful: Who Are You Thankful For?

November is a month of giving thanks. We invite you to share your appreciation for someone special – a mentor, a teacher, a colleague, a friend — who has helped you learn and grow.

In this month of gratitude, Bookshare would like to help our community give thanks to someone who has helped them on their learning journey. In this time of uncertainty due to the pandemic and other events, we are under a lot of stress. Yet, teachers, parents, friends, and family members everywhere are going the extra mile to support one another. During this month of gratitude, let us show our appreciation.

Who are you thankful for?

Maybe a teacher who got you ebooks and tools that made reading easier. A librarian who helped you find your new favorite book. A parent who took time off work to help with your remote learning journey. A colleague who provided a helping hand or show of support when you need it most. A neighbor who let you use her wifi.

Share your thanks today by filling out the #WeAreGrateful form. You will receive a personalized, accessible thank you card in PDF format straight to your inbox. You may then send the thank you card to your recipient’s email, print it out to send through the mail, or share your message on social media and tag #WeAreGrateful.

Here is an example of the card:

Thank you card with autumn leaves and Bookshare logo.

Now it’s your turn! Take a moment to send thank you notes to share your appreciation and gratitude. 


  1. Nancy Coffman

    I am thankful for parents who expected me to succeed. They supported me by making sure I learned Braille early and used it. They encouraged me to learn by reading. Bookshare keeps me reading and learning.

  2. Guillermina Diaz

    Thank you for everything Bookshare

  3. Kamala Milton

    I’m very thankful for all of the teachers and all of the organizations who has helped me to become the person I am today. I wouldn’t have known what I would I have done with out all of the people and all of their help. I’m also very thankful for my family for their support.

  4. Kamala Milton

    I grately appreciate my sweet grandma who has taught me the goodness of God as well as taking care of me while my mom worked.

  5. Kamala Milton.

    I’m thankful for my family, bookshare, all of my libraries for helping me with all they had available for me as far as braille books and talking books.

  6. Kamala Milton

    I am very thankful for my family for having hope and faith for me, and for all the teachers at the schools that I have gone to to encourage me to have interest in reading whether I liked it or not. I want to thank all the librarians for moving me forward in my reading experience. I also thank Bookshare for allowing me to join them in this reading experience even I don’t stop by very much. Thank you thank you, and thank you!

  7. Kamala Milton

    I am very thankful for my mom, my entire family for being supportive of me and encouraging me to read and learn and grow
    I am thankful for all of the teachers who help me by encouraging me further to read
    I am also thankful for all the librarians for all of their help in this reading experience including book share

  8. Kamala Milton

    I am very thankful for my friends, and my ability to text, email, and post to everyone on social media.

  9. Lt

    I am very thankful for bookshare and the amazing work put forth to create this organization. If it weren’t for bookshare, I wouldn’t be able to read without having multiple difficulties.

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