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Bookshare Webinar Replay: Empower Learning and Save Time with an Individual Membership

On January 26, the Bookshare staff hosted a webinar. If you missed it, here is a recap and links to the recording, slides, and additional resources.

COVID-19 has upended student learning. How can you make distance or hybrid learning work for your students? Empower them to dig deeper into subjects, explore new topics, or fill in learning gaps with things that interest them with Bookshare’s free Individual Membership. An Individual Membership gives students more control to select their own books, increases learning independence, and saves time for educators.

Key Topics

  • What is Bookshare?
  • Who qualifies for Bookshare membership?
  • Types of books in the Bookshare library
  • Different ways to read Bookshare books
  • Two account types – organizational and individual – what’s the difference?
  • Benefits of Individual Memberships

What Attendees Have to Say

“I serve a student who is homeschooled. She isn’t affiliated with a classroom. This will be a game changer for her. I’m so excited to set her up with an Individual Membership account.” – Educator

“I will be communicating with a parent to set up her daughter with an individual account.  Thank you for this information!” – Educator

Learn More

Download the presentation slides

Watch a video on how to set up an Individual Membership

See the full list of on-demand webinars


  1. Jenna G.

    Are CTLE certificates and or certificates of completion awarded for watching your webinars?
    Jenna G.

    • Laura Deck, Bookshare Communications

      Jenna: We offer certificates of attendance when someone attends a live webinar and completes an evaluation survey afterwards.

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