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The 950,000 Ebook Library You Didn’t Know You Needed (featured in We Are Teachers)

With the right support from resources like Bookshare, kids can read 

Teachers on the front lines have worked magic to deliver meaningful instruction to “roomers” and “zoomers” across the US. This has been a particular challenge for special education teachers in places most impacted by COVID-19: communities of color, low income, Native American, and rural.  

According to a recent article in We Are Teachers, it is not always easy to find free, quality resources for students. Especially for educators who teach students in underserved communities and students with disabilities. 

But what if your school could use a free, nonprofit resource to support students with reading disabilities? What if this resource had everything that you needed to help students read, from access to textbooks to the most popular YA fiction? 

Bookshare is an ebook library with almost 1 million books that are free to students with disabilities like dyslexia, blindness, and cerebral palsy. The best part: Bookshare has all kinds of supports from text-to-speech audio and large font to word highlighting and even braille that help students read better. 

The article in We Are Teachers shares four ways teachers are using Bookshare in the classroom to turn reluctant readers into engaged readers. Read the full article to learn how to: 

  1. Help build reluctant readers’ confidence 
  1. Bring books to all students with disabilities 
  1. Customize the reading experience 
  1. Make reading accessible for all students 

Learn More About Bookshare at This Free Virtual Event 

Webinar: Bridging the Reading Gap

Date: Thursday, April 22 – 10:00 – 11:00 am PT (1:00 – 2:00 pm ET)  

Hear directly from other teachers! Megan Shanley, Occupational Therapist, will share how she uses tools like Bookshare to support students with disabilities at Albuquerque Public Schools, New Mexico’s largest district with a sizable Hispanic population that receives free or reduced lunch. 

Reserve your spot today! 

Bookshare is an initiative of Benetech, a nonprofit that empowers communities with software for social good. It is funded by the Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP), US Department of Education. 

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