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Win the Crown with the Bookshare Book Club

By Amreen Ahmed, Bookshare Operations Associate, and Michelle Chan, Bookshare Collection Development Associate

Welcome again to the Bookshare Book Club! Each month, Bookshare staff will choose books for members to read before hosting discussions near the end of the month. The conversations will take place through Zoom webinars. While we have created this club with Bookshare members in mind, everyone is welcome to join, including non-Bookshare members.

In addition to our adult book club, we have launched the Bookshare Teen Book Club. The teen book club is geared towards ages 12-18, but everyone is welcome to join.

Bookshare Book Club Pick for Teens

March’s book for teens is You Should See Me in a Crown by Leah Johnson. Liz has always dreamed of escaping her small Midwestern hometown and going to Pennington College to become a doctor. When her financial aid falls through, Liz gets desperate and does the unthinkable by running for prom queen (and winning its scholarship). There’s only one problem with this plan: she just might be falling for the competition.

The Zoom webinar discussion for You Should See Me in a Crown will take place on Tuesday, March 30, at 4:00 pm PT. Register here.

Bookshare Book Club Pick for Adults

March’s book for adults will be His Only Wife by Peace Adzo Medie. After Afi Tekple is scooped out of her small town and marries into the wealthy Gonyo family, her life changes overnight. Soon she’s enrolled in fashion school, her family is well fed, and she is experiencing luxury like never before. However, Eli, her husband, is far too preoccupied with his mistress to pay much attention to their new marriage. Afi’s going to war for her husband, and she won’t be losing.

The Zoom webinar discussion for His Only Wife will take place on Thursday, April 1, at 5:00 pm PT. Register here.

In this time of social distancing, it’s more important than ever to stay connected, so be sure to join the conversation!

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  1. Phil

    Sometimes I need to be reminded that people are different; and this month’s book club selections reminds me that I’m from another planet. I guess self-awareness is both a blessing and a curse…

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