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Dive Into Summer with Bookshare’s #CatchUpTogether Summer Read-a-thon

The Bookshare community is invited to join the fun and dive into a summer of reading. Help us reach the goal of reading 200,000 books together.

To get you started, Bookshare has created four special collections with plenty of engaging books for all ages and interests. Browse the lists and find some books that inspire your curiosity. Here is a preview of three books from each list to launch your summer reading adventure.

Summer Fun for Emerging Readers

Frederick by Leo Lionni
  • The Deaf Musicians – Lee plays jazz piano every night for a crowd. But one night, his playing is off, and his bandmates know something is wrong. Learn how Lee overcomes his hearing loss.
  • Frederick – Frederick is a field mouse who gathers the sun’s rays while his friends gather nuts for the winter. When the mice run out of food, Frederick has other ways to warm their hearts.
  • Lulu and the Brontosaurus – Lulu wants a pet brontosaurus for her birthday, but the brontosaurus has other ideas.

My 5YO rising kindergartner has started her summer reading with @Bookshare. This week she read “Dave the Unicorn: Dance Party.” She loves that series! #CatchUpTogether -Allison H.

Summer Reads for Kids

Charlie Thorne and the Last Equation by Stuart Gibbs
  • The World Between Blinks – cousins Jake and Marisol stumble into a fantasy world where they solve mysteries from history and search for the man who holds the key to their journey home.
  • Charlie Thorne and the Last Equation – the world’s youngest and smartest genius is forced to use her code-breaking skills to outsmart Einstein and outrun the Furies.
  • The Remarkable Journey of Coyote Sunrise – Coyote and her dad are living on the road in an old school bus when they have to unexpectedly return home to retrieve a memory box with help from some misfit travelers they meet along the way.

@Bookshare  I have read “Fry Bread: A Native American Family Story,” by Kevin Noble Maillard. #CatchUpTogether -Jolean D.

Teen Reads for Summer

The Inheritance Games by Jennifer Lynn Barnes
  • How to Pack for the End of the World – Amina and her friends are worried about the future, so they are busy learning survival skills in case the world ends tomorrow. But maybe they should focus on their problems in the present instead.
  • Grown – a legendary R&B artist spots Enchanted Jones at an audition and her dreams of becoming a singer take flight. The dreams turn into a nightmare, however, when Enchanted wakes up with blood on her hands and the police at the door.
  • The Inheritance Games – Avery inherits a fortune from a stranger and must live in his house and outsmart his four grandsons by solving puzzles, riddles, and codes to claim what’s rightfully hers.

Summer Reads for Adults

No Heaven for Good Boys by Keisha Bush
  • No Heaven for Good Boys – Ibrahimah and his cousin are lured to Dakar, Senegal, with promises of an education that instead involve begging on the streets. The boys must rely on each other to avoid the dangers and find their way home.
  • The Splendid and the Vile – a nonfiction account of Winston Churchill’s leadership, eloquence, and courage during World War II that held Great Britain together during Hitler’s relentless assault 
  • Get a Life, Chloe Brown – Chloe is tired of being boring and predictable and creates a list of directives so she can “get a life.” She recruits her mysterious, sexy neighbor to teach her how to be a rebel and surprises ensue.

Tips to Get Started

  • Let kids choose books that interest them
  • Read with eyes, ears, or fingers – it all counts as reading

We’re off to a fast start with over 11,500 books already downloaded. Learn more about the #CatchUpTogether Summer Read-a-thon, find out who the top downloaders are, and join the Bookshare Book Club. Be sure to tag @Bookshare and share your favorite books on social media using #CatchUpTogether.


  1. I am interested in ANY way to get books to my students digitally. We are a Title One school with an extreme literacy needs and a media specialist who is willing to do anything for his students

    • Laura Deck, Bookshare Communications

      Stephen: I’ll reach out to you directly via email and see if Bookshare can help your students. -Laura

  2. I want to read one of these books

  3. Sara Robins

    Thank you for these summer reading lists! Summer reading is very important for students’ ability to not only retain information learned the previous year but also to grow in knowledge and critical thinking skills for the coming year.

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