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Celebrating Fathers (plus Special Offer for California Dads)

Bookshare celebrates fathers of all types with special reading lists and a free membership offer from Ability Central 

Do you know a dad who struggles to read due to low vision, blindness, dyslexia, or a physical impairment? Give the gift of reading to any father or “father figure” in your life with a Bookshare membership. Bookshare helps people with reading barriers continue to enjoy the books they love including New York Times bestsellers, new releases, nonfiction, biographies, periodicals, and more. Bookshare is free for qualifying U.S. students of any age. For non-students, membership costs $50/year for unlimited access to over 1 million books. Learn more

“Bookshare is user friendly, and I really enjoy it. I read New York Times bestsellers that I can get as soon as the books hit the bookstores. Ninety-nine percent of the time the book I want is in Bookshare.”  

– Tom P., blind veteran, San Diego

Tell a Dad – or a Friend – About Bookshare 

Watch this 30-second video to learn more about Bookshare and share it with a friend. 

“Bookshare has advanced so much that now I can open my favorite reading app, search for a title, download it, and start reading while I wait for my latte at Starbucks. I can go to a lecture by an author and download his or her book in seconds, often before a sighted person can get a copy.”

Antonio G., New York 

Not Sure What to Read First?  

Get started by exploring these curated reading lists: 

Free Memberships for California Seniors from Ability Central 

Do you know someone 55 or older in California with a reading barrier? Let them know that Bookshare is offering a special promotion for a FREE one-year membership thanks to a partnership with Ability Central. Learn more about this special offer. 

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