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School Year Ending Brings New Beginnings: Tips for Successful Transitions 

As the end of the school year looms, teachers can take these steps now to ensure smooth transitions for students going to the next grade, a new school, or beyond. 

Summer is around the corner, and students and teachers are looking forward to a well-deserved break. Most students will be transitioning to a new grade in the fall, some will move on to a new school, and others will prepare for life after school. Whatever their next destination may be, be sure they take along the reading tools and resources that have helped them be successful this far, including Bookshare. 

The following tips will help students with reading barriers continue to access Bookshare books and reading tools wherever their learning journey takes them next.  

Pro Tip: Keep Students Reading Right On Into the Summer 

Bookshare has a lot of engaging books for all ages to guarantee a blockbuster summer of reading including human-narrated audiobooks and hand-picked summer reading lists. Follow these steps to make sure students are set up for summer reading: 

  • Assign summer reading books to students 
  • Make sure students can log in to Bookshare 
  • Set students up with Individual Memberships so they can download their own books at home 

Pro Tip: Get a Head Start on the 2022-2023 School Year 

Get a jump on fall back-to-school by getting your Bookshare account ready now. These steps will help you prepare for the upcoming back-to-school season and save time later: 

  • Increment the grade level of your students 
  • Request new books you cannot currently find on Bookshare 
  • Set up Readings Lists with books your students will be reading next year 
  • Manage your current Reading Lists

Pro Tip: Help Students Transition to New Grades and Schools 

Do you have students transitioning to a new grade? What about students moving on to a new school? This guide will help you ensure your students keep their access to Bookshare books and reading tools on the next leg of their learning journey.  

Pro Tip: Help Students Transition to Post-Secondary, Vocational Programs, and Beyond 

Did you know that students who are Bookshare members can keep their free memberships if they enroll in a community college, vocational school, university, or some other educational program? As long as they maintain student status and have an Individual Membership, they can take Bookshare with them and enjoy the gift of lifelong learning.  

Taking these steps now will set students up for success over the summer and into the fall no matter where their educational journey takes them next. 

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