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Build Independence with Bookshare Web Reader

Do you know someone who is ready to read on their own? Bookshare Web Reader is a free, easy-to-use reading tool for Individual Members. Readers like Kevin and Kelly use it to read books for school and fun on any computer with Internet access. What makes Bookshare Web Reader so great? Read books directly from a supported Internet browser on your computer (no need to install specialized software) Log into Bookshare, find a book, and select “Read Now” Read with text-to-speech voices and word highlighting (on supported browsers) Ready to get started? Make sure you or your student has an…


Individual Members Inspire Us to Read Independently with Bookshare Web Reader

Our members continue to inspire us!  That’s why in this post, we’re sharing two stories of teen members who use Bookshare Web Reader to read about the things they love…independently. Bookshare Web Reader is a free reading tool for Individual Members and is a great way to access Bookshare books quickly and easily with an Internet browser. This web-based reader does not require specialized software. Read these  inspiring stories now, and please share with others who want to read on their own! Kelly Enjoys Reading Freedom! Kelly Schneider is a 17-year-old Bookshare Individual Member who loves the flexibility of reading…

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