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Build Independence with Bookshare Web Reader

Student reading on a laptop with both hands raised in the air in excitement with the tagline "Inspire Independent Reading"

Do you know someone who is ready to read on their own?

Bookshare Web Reader is a free, easy-to-use reading tool for Individual Members. Readers like Kevin and Kelly use it to read books for school and fun on any computer with Internet access. What makes Bookshare Web Reader so great?

  • Read books directly from a supported Internet browser on your computer (no need to install specialized software)
  • Log into Bookshare, find a book, and select “Read Now”
  • Read with text-to-speech voices and word highlighting (on supported browsers)

Ready to get started? Make sure you or your student has an Individual Membership and view the tutorial below!

First Time User Guide

To read with text-to-speech, word highlighting, and options for large print:

  • Open Google Chrome and log on to Bookshare
  • Find your book
  • Select “Read Now”
  • Follow prompts to install the Chrome Extension
  • Your book will open, and you can begin reading!

To read in large print or with a screen reader that will provide text-to-speech:

  • Open Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, or Safari
  • Find your book
  • Select “Read Now”
  • Your book will open, and you can begin reading!

For more Bookshare Web Reader FAQs, visit the Support Center.


  1. Will BookShare Webreader work on an iPad?

    • Bookshare Team Member

      Hi Amy! At this time, Bookshare Web Reader is not fully compatible with Apple iOS devices. How about trying an app like Read2Go? Here’s a link for more details:

      • Amy Dahn

        I will look into Read2Go. Thanks for the suggestion!

        • Bookshare Team Member

          Amy: You are welcome!

      • Amy Dahn

        Hi again, are bookshare books only playable via an app like Read2Go? Or, can a student play the audiobook via the music app that is already on the iPad? Read2Go is expensive as it costs $20 per installation.

        • Bookshare Team Member

          Amy: Thanks for your questions!

          Bookshare books can be used on music apps on an iPad by downloading the MP3 format of a book and transferring the MP3 files to your iPad or any other MP3 player using a media manager like iTunes.
          This will provide the audio of books, but not the text or synchronized highlighting.

          For members who want both audio and synchronized text, Read2Go is an option, as well as Voice Dream Reader. To learn more about these and other tools, visit the Bookshare reading tools page:

  2. When students are reading on a nook, ipad, phone, etc using bookshare, where do you show page numbers or percent of book read?

    • Bookshare Team Member

      Hi M Street!
      Page numbers may differ by application. Read2Go for IOS displays page numbers within the text at breaks. You can also navigate to any page using the table of contents and see where you are in the book. Other applications like Go Read for the Nook and other Android devices will also let you navigate in the book, but may not do as good of a job displaying page numbers. Also note that some books may not have pages. The reason for this is that some books that come from publishers do not have page breaks. Thank you for this support question.

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