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Individual Members Inspire Us to Read Independently with Bookshare Web Reader

Screen capture of Bookshare Web Reader reading Harry Potter's "Order of the Phoenix"
Screen image of Bookshare Web Reader reading Harry Potter’s “Order of the Phoenix”

Our members continue to inspire us!  That’s why in this post, we’re sharing two stories of teen members who use Bookshare Web Reader to read about the things they love…independently.

Bookshare Web Reader is a free reading tool for Individual Members and is a great way to access Bookshare books quickly and easily with an Internet browser. This web-based reader does not require specialized software.

Read these  inspiring stories now, and please share with others who want to read on their own!

Kelly Enjoys Reading Freedom!

Kelly Schneider kneeling with a basketball.
Kelly Schneider kneeling with a basketball.

Kelly Schneider is a 17-year-old Bookshare Individual Member who loves the flexibility of reading wherever she wants. She uses Bookshare Web Reader, and says, “It gives me freedom to read on a computer at school or at home, even if the software isn’t on that computer. When I first used Web Reader, it was so simple! I just opened Google Chrome and read.”

Kelly also loves sports and likes reading about sports. This active teen participates in the Special Olympics cycling competitions in New York and Connecticut.  “I read books on any topic and I like that. I would tell other kids to give Bookshare Web Reader a try. I’ve read many books that I never thought I could!”


Photo of Kevin smiling.
Kevin Leong smiling.

Kevin Reads Anywhere, Anytime!

Kevin Leong is another Individual Member who is an avid reader. Though he has optic atrophy, which makes reading difficult, it doesn’t slow him down. He has used Bookshare Web Reader from the very beginning. When it first came out, Kevin used it in his school library, in classes, and even at home. “I like being able to use Bookshare Web Reader because it’s fast, easy, and I can access it almost anywhere.”

Screen capture of Kevin reading online with Bookshare Web Reader.

With Bookshare Web Reader, Kevin feels positive about his reading ability. “I’ve always been good at math and science,” he says, “and now I’m good at reading and electronics and technology. A couple of minutes on Bookshare, and I’m ready!”

P.S. The Bookshare team is always thrilled to see your comments on this blog and in social media. Tell us about your experiences reading accessible books at school, at home, or on the go on Twitter and Facebook. Thanks!


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