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Calling All K-12 Bookshare Members: Enter the White House Student Film Festival by January 29 2014!

Are you or do you know a Bookshare student member in grades K-12 who enjoys filmmaking? Do you use Bookshare to help with your studies at school?  If yes, President Obama has a super cool contest for you!

President Obama looking over the shoulder of a young female student using a computer for learning.
President Obama looking over the shoulder of a young female student using a computer for learning.

Enter the White House Student Film Festival!

The White House is holding its first ever film festival to showcase the power of technology in schools and students who win may get to  visit the White House!

We know that you use Bookshare to learn all sorts of amazing things.  Do you use Bookshare Web Reader to read and listen to your textbooks and do projects or experiments?

Does Read2Go help you keep up with assignments wherever you go?

Are you accessing more books with Bookshare and a braille display than you ever did before?

This is your chance to let President Obama and the rest of the world know about it.  Finalist videos will be featured on the White House website, YouTube channel, and social media sites.

Here’s a fun video by Bill Nye, the Science Guy describing the contest.

How to Enter

  • Create a short video (3 minutes or less)
  • Address one of these themes: 1) How you currently use technology in your classroom or school, or 2) the role technology will play in education in the future.
  • Read the official rules to make sure your entry is valid, and visit the White House Film Festival website for more information.

Entries are due by January 29, 2014. So think of a good idea or script, grab a video recorder or smartphone, and start filming!

We’re excited to see what you create. Feel free to share your videos on the Bookshare Facebook page as well.

Good luck!

The Bookshare Team




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