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Teachers and parents share how Bookshare helps remove reading barriers for students

We love our members – and the teachers, parents, and other caring individuals who support our members. We celebrate every success of every student who overcomes reading barriers with the help of Bookshare and assistive technology. And, since good news is meant to be shared, here are some recent tweets that celebrate reading success.

Tweets from Teachers

From @allinreading: In recent days I’ve been sitting back watching my 6th graders log on to Wonder by RJ Palacio@CaptiVoice and @Bookshare independently. They are reading at home and in school. They are talking about books, and they can do it on their own. I can’t believe we got here.

From Christina: @Bookshare is a great resource. If your child has an IEP and needs access to audio or digital books, ask your school about it. #specialeducation

From Hillary: Today’s mashup: @Bookshare Web Reader + @BeeLineReader + @texthelp as TTS support = student responding: “I want to find more books to read on my #Chromebook!” #a11y #AEM #ilovemyjob

From Jane: Parents, does your child have a learning disability? They may qualify for @Bookshare which is a FREE, life-changing resource for struggling readers #Dyslexia #tlchat #educhat

From Janea: Best day ever! Empowered an 11th grader with these tools. Now sees college as an attainable goal. @DonJohnstonInc @Bookshare #ADEChat

From Christina: Bookshare removes reading barriers & is a fantastic toolbox for educators! A game changer for people with print disabilities. Bookshare is the world’s largest online library of accessible ebooks. #Bookshare @Bookshare #Reading #Literacy #UDL

From Tiffany: Life depends on reading today. Kids want to read and be successful at it. We have to help them find their way to be successful. I have seen kids get the reading bug thanks to @Bookshare and @Learning_Ally

From Deb: @Bookshare is an amazing program that helps students with print disabilities get free access to audiobooks! Amazing!!

From Dyslexic Star: Every day I am so thankful for @VoiceDreamApp and @Bookshare #dyslexicessentials

Tweets from Parents

From Jessica: Bragging moment: after years of struggling daily to read at grade level my daughter makesAdventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain high honors in 7th grade! #dyslexia #nevergivesup #hardworker #determinedchild #proudmom Thanks @Bookshare & all the other tools & teachers in her life! #sayDyslexia #readtothemdaily

From Susannah: Listening to books via @CELAlibrary & @Bookshare via  @calgarylibrary using text highlighting in @VoiceDreamApp has been #1 best thing helping my dyslexic child improve reading fluency. Need to increase access & ensure teachers & students are aware of these services.

From Tamara: I’m absolutely LOVING that my daughter can read about #elizabethcotten thanks to @Bookshare @VoiceDreamApp  #Nystagmus  #NystagmusAwareness #AssistiveTech #lowvision

“I want to read Wonder right now. All of my friends have read it or are going to read it and I couldn’t. I want to read it when I am getting ready for bed tonight.” From student to parent after seeing @Bookshare for the first time.

From mother of Bookshare member: Thanks again for all the support. My son said to thank you as he really loved Huckleberry Finn! It was a joy to watch him laugh as he listened and read. Amazing. He has an A in English with the support of Bookshare.

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