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What Apps Do Bookshare Members Use?

Survey reveals most popular reading apps and technologies

Bookshare’s ebook library is one of the most versatile resources for readers with dyslexia, blindness, low vision, cerebral palsy, and other reading barriers. In addition to having over 700,000 titles, members can read on almost any device, platform, and a host of compatible partner apps. Over 400 Bookshare users responded to our 2018 Technology Survey and shared their most-used apps and technologies. So what are the most popular? Let’s break it down.

Members use a variety of devices with Bookshare

Bookshare members are using tablets and smartphones more and more. Over 65 percent of respondents use either an iOS or Android device. Computers, Chromebooks, and laptops, though, are still very popular with 80 percent of members. Over 25 percent use assistive technology devices. (Note: members may use more than one device).

A bar graph shows the devices used by Bookshare members: over 75% use computers, Chromebooks or laptops; 65% use iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch; 23% use Android phone or tablet; 25% use an assistive technology device; and 5% use other devices.

Members like Chrome

Google Chrome is the most popular browser, used by over 75 percent of members. Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer are used by 25 percent or more of members (Note: members may use more than one browser).

A bar graph shows the browsers used by Bookshare members: over 75% use Chrome; 25% use Firefox; 25% use Safari; 8% use Microsoft Edge; 28% use Internet Explorer; and 3% use other browsers

Members use a variety of computer-based reading tools

Almost 60 percent of members use the free Bookshare Web Reader tool to read books on computers, Chromebooks, and laptops. However, there are many other popular reading tools like Microsoft Word, Read&Write for Google, and others.

A bar graph shows the computer-based reading tools used by Bookshare members: almost 60% use Bookshare Web Reader; 2% use Open LORE Reader; 9% use Dolphin EasyReader; 10% use Capti Voice; 18% use iBooks; 10% use Kurzweil; 5% use Beeline Reader; 25% use Read&Write for Google; 7% use Snap and Read; 27% use Microsoft Word; and 20% use other tools.

Members use a variety of mobile apps

Members also use a variety of apps for iOS and Android devices. For iOS, Voice Dream Reader, Read2Go, iBooks, Dolphin EasyReader, and Capti Voice are popular. For Android, Go Read, Voice Dream Reader, and Dolphin EasyReader are popular.

Popular iOS apps

A bar graph shows the iOS mobile reading apps used by Bookshare members: 47% use Voice Dream Reader; 19% use Dolphin EasyReader; 46% use Read2Go; 12% use Capti Voice; 2% use Speech Central; 32% use iBooks; 3% use Spotlight Text; 9% use other apps.

Popular Android apps

A bar graph shows the Android mobile reading apps used by Bookshare members: 62% use Go Read; 38% use Voice Dream Reader; 18% use Dolphin EasyReader; 5% use @VoiceAloud; 13% use other apps.

See all the compatible reading tools

Do you want to learn more about some of these popular reading tools? Visit Bookshare’s Reading Tool Wizard.

New to Bookshare? Learn how Bookshare makes reading easier for people with dyslexia, blindness, cerebral palsy, and other reading barriers.


  1. Cd5gi

    Thank you for these graphs. I found them to be very helpful in choosing my apps!

  2. Phil

    The main criteria for differrentiating among these apps would be whether any offer navigation tools other than jumping by phrase or page. Such as navigating by chapter or time intervals.

  3. Joanna

    What is the best device to get for a 10 year old? I do not want games and other things, just bookshare?

    • Laura Deck, Bookshare Communications

      Joanna: thanks for your question. Bookshare does not specify a standalone device, but does work with a wide variety of devices such as tablets and laptops that offer parental controls. Our reading tool wizard can help you identify apps by device and platform that your child can use to read Bookshare books.

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