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Teachers on the Front Line, We Appreciate You!

Bookshare thanks and salutes teachers during #TeacherAppreciationWeek and the COVID-19 crisis

Teachers have always been heroes, but in 2020, they reached superhero status. Make that mega-ultra-super-heroes. Every day, teachers are asked to do the near-impossible with limited resources for their students, but with the COVID-19 pandemic, they are being asked to give even more, from a distance, while the sand shifts all around them.

Bookshare extends heartfelt appreciation to the teachers, aides, specialists, librarians, and therapists who serve children every day. You navigate uncharted waters during this pandemic and scramble to find resources and maintain connections with your students, many of whom are anxious and isolated. You have to be magicians, technology experts, counselors, cheerleaders, coaches, and friends in the midst of uncertainty. You work hard to find new and inventive ways to keep students engaged and adjust lesson plans on the fly to “quaranteach” and meet the requirements of online learning. Teachers are truly essential “front liners” whose contribution to our youth has never been more important.

For those of you who support students with disabilities, we offer extra gratitude for your dedication to those who have barriers to reading and learning like dyslexia, blindness, or cerebral palsy. Through resources like Bookshare, you make reading easier by providing over 850,000 ebooks in formats like audio, audio + highlighted text, and braille so that students can read in ways that work for them. You make sure that they do not fall behind their classmates by supplying textbooks and other educational materials in a timely fashion.

Educators do more than just improve students’ academic performance; they instill confidence, increase independence, and encourage self-advocacy. Do you know a teacher who has made a difference in students’ lives? Share a shout out in the blog comments section below or on Bookshare social media.

To all of the teachers, from all of us at Bookshare, thank you for all that you do, day in and day out, for students.


  1. Michael Tran

    Thank you to all teachers out there for stepping it up during a time of crisis!

  2. Advocated4DisabledRights

    I am a Multiply Disabled former Teacher and was forced to retire due to discrimination despite it being my passion 🙁

  3. Thank you Mrs. Amelia Sheldon and all the staff at Montessori of Santa Cruz for their time and support. For being creative and keeping in touch in these times of crisis through technology. AWESOME JOB!!

  4. Wendy

    Thank you Mrs. Shall from Biggersville Corinth MS! You have touched not only are boys hearts but are as well, you’re one of the best blessings straight from the Lord! Thank you. We love you!

  5. Sandy Ruconich

    I was a teacher of visually impaired students for 42 years. I dealt with a variety of situations but never one like COVID-19! Thank you,teachers, for all the creativity and effort it has taken to walk through these weeks of uncharted territory. You have gone above and beyond in so many ways and shown such empathy and compassion that our hearts truly go out to you for your service. May you be able to get some well-deserved rest this summer!

  6. Ebony Miller

    Thank you Mrs. Murray for your love and support of Niya for the last 4 years. You have helped her learn to read, build her confidence, and given her a tool she will cherish forever. Thank you for being technologically inclined, creative, and being willing to think outside the box to continue to tutor the kids from their homes during this trying time. You are always flexible and go over above for your kids! Your dedication and passion is on another level! 🥰
    Thank you
    ❤️ Ebony Miller

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