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Swing into Summer with the Bookshare Book Club

Co-authored by Michelle Chan, Bookshare Collection Development Specialist.

Welcome back to the Bookshare Book Club! Each month, Bookshare staff will choose books for members to read before hosting discussions near the end of the month. The conversations will take place through Zoom webinars. While we have created this club with Bookshare members in mind, everyone is welcome to join, including non-Bookshare members.

This month, we are excited to announce the launch of the Bookshare Teen Book Club! The teen book club is geared towards ages 12-18, but everyone is welcome to join. Additionally, both the adult and teen book club picks this summer will be chosen from Bookshare’s summer reading lists.

Bookshare Book Club Pick for Adults

June’s book for adults will be The Municipalists by Seth Fried. In the city of Metropolis, government agencies are being bombed to fight against rapid gentrification. Enter Henry, a straitlaced civil servant, and Owen, his rambunctious AI partner, tasked with finding the suspect and saving the city. Part comedy, part social commentary, and part thriller, The Municipalists will keep you turning the pages until the end.

The Zoom webinar discussion for The Municipalists will take place on Thursday, June 25th at 5:00 pm PT. Register here.

Bookshare Book Club Pick for Teens

June’s book for teens will be The Field Guide to the North American Teenager by Ben Philippe. When Norris, a Black French Canadian, starts his junior year at an Austin, Texas, high school, he’s prepared to dismiss his new classmates as clichés from a bad 90s teen movie. However, despite his initial snark, Norris begins to find that there are real people beyond his labels – all while he navigates the joys, clichés, and awkwardness of the American high school experience.

The Zoom webinar discussion for The Field Guide to the North American Teenager will take place on Tuesday, June 30th at 4:00 pm PT. Register here.

In this time of social distancing, it’s more important than ever to stay connected, so be sure to join the conversation!

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