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Join the Bookshare #AllInTogether Summer Read-a-thon

Even though most aspects of summer 2020 are uncertain, the joys of summer reading are available 24/7 to all Bookshare members

The coronavirus pandemic has completely changed the school equation, and, as a result, a very different summer is upon us. While you and your students are staying physically distant from others, why not come together virtually to share in the joy of reading.

Bookshare’s #AllInTogether Summer Read-a-thon is the perfect way to entertain your students this summer and keep them reading-ready in the fall. Here is the challenge for Bookshare members: download and read 200,000 Bookshare books by July 31.

Five Reasons to Meet the 200K Challenge

  1. It’s fun. Our librarians have handpicked books for every age, interest, and reading level. Throughout the summer, there will be entertaining ways to share your books, take part in book clubs, and interact with the community in a physically distant, but socially connected way. Stay tuned for details!
  2. It’s easy. We’ve organized the books into four lists that teachers can assign to students or put on Reading Lists. We also have helpful transition resources to get students ready for the entire summer.
  3. It’s more important than ever. COVID-19 has disrupted learning and created a “COVID slide” that will likely result in greater summer learning loss than typical years. By reading fun and interesting topics they care about, students can lessen or stop that slide from happening.
  4. It’s for all Bookshare members. It’s not just for young students. Students of any age, as well as adults, can find handpicked books and help us reach our goal.
  5. It’s a program students can do on their own. Because Bookshare helps readers to be independent, all you need to do is let them know about the campaign and help them get the books they want to read.

Tips to Engage Readers and Set Them Up for Success

Get ReadyTips/IdeasMore Information
Where do you like to read?Comfy couch, bed, hammock, tent in the backyard, at the beach, in the car, at grandma’s house  Tips for Engaging Readers with Special Needs [infographic]
What do you like to read?Browse Bookshare’s summer reading lists or find interesting books in Bookshare’s library collection of over 850,000 ebooks.Books for Young Readers Books for Middle Grade Readers
Books for YA Readers
Books for Adult Readers  
How do you like to read?Try silent reading, listen to audiobooks, or read out loud with a friend  Join the Bookshare Book Club, start your own quarantine book club, or schedule a read aloud over Zoom
Why is reading important?Learn about other cultures and subjects; improve your vocabulary; escape from everyday stress; be part of the conversation; and it’s a boredom buster!  What the research says about the benefits of reading

Get #AllInTogether for Summer

Teachers: Get your students set up with books for summer reading now. And make sure to sign up for email updates to learn about featured summer books and virtual events.

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