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Heard It Through the Tweetvine

The Bookshare community tells us what they love about Bookshare and how it has made a difference in their lives. 

We love Bookshare members – and the teachers, parents, and other caring individuals who support our members. We celebrate the success of every person who overcomes reading barriers with the help of the Bookshare library and assistive technology. Good news is always worth sharing, and we hope these tweets make you smile, inspire you to find your next book, or tell a friend about Bookshare.  

Parents Sound Off 

From Michelle:  Dylan is a big fan of Bookshare & it has changed his world by allowing him to read all the books his peers can read. I’m sharing this resource & the story of another dyslexia warrior!  

The Jumbies by Tracey Baptiste

From Bonnie:  Bookshare has been extremely helpful for my oldest son who is dyslexic. He started to use it in middle school and now he uses it college. I thank PACER’s Simon Technology Center for helping us find this support and a recordable pen that he can’t be without.  

From Lindsey: Got my son’s Bookshare account activated last Friday, and he’s already read the first in Sayantani ‘s The Serpent’s Secret series, and the last in Tracey Baptiste’s Jumbies series (he read the first two verrrry slowly). Bookshare is a game changer for him!  

From Allison: My 4-year-old daughter has been listening to Fancy Nancy books from Bookshare using her Victor Stream. They have the largest accessible collection of these books that I’ve found so far. Her fave is the Mermaid Ballet.  

From Renee: One of my nieces is dyslexic and she loves @Bookshare so much! When she first got it, she was so excited to show it off to me explaining all the cool features. It’s helped her confidence grow by leaps and bounds.  

Teachers Chime In 

From JodiLyn:  Do you have students who are dyslexic, blind, or have other reading barriers? Try @Bookshare and have free access to over 900,000 titles – I was blown away with their selection.  

From Hillary: From tears to cheers: @Bookshare +@texthelp + @BeeLineReader = Independence. Access. Agency. Laughter.  

A tablet with an ebook

From Tiffany:  I have a student hooked on @Bookshare, over 2000 minutes and he has to be told to stop reading! He has access to multiple books from his favorite author. He has learned how to search on Bookshare and can send me a screenshot if not on his list. I like how I can add lists of books easily that he can select from.  

From Matthew:  I have several students as young as fourth grade using Bookshare through Dolphin EasyReader on iPads. They independently email me a picture of the front and back of a book they want to read. Baby steps toward control of their destiny!  

Bookshare Members Spread the Word 

From Allen: I often find books appear on Bookshare the same day they are publicly released. This is so amazing to me that it’s hard to explain the feeling.  

From Kelso: Reading should never be a barrier. I absolutely love @Bookshare and I want to thank @zerepmot for giving me a heads up about it. I can’t wait to share this with my customers who have friends & family that are visually impaired/blind.  

From Justin:  I’ve been reading on Bookshare since 2007, the summer before I started 4th grade. Most memorable books I read then? You got it, Harry Potter series – I was hooked! Bookshare has been my lifeline this year! They make it possible for me and many others with disabilities to read independently.  

From Chrissy:  Bookshare to the rescue once again! It took a while when I lost my sight to admit I could no longer read print. Even though I gave away my library, some were too treasured to give up. Thanks to Bookshare, I gained access to a digital copy of this old favorite.  

From Veronica:  Bookshare is the best! I remember being so excited when I realized I could read almost any book I could think of- not just what was available at my local library in large print (which was almost nothing)  

From Chancey:  Bookshare has been my steady companion since 2000: whatever’s next, from coding to the kitchen to disability & data justice, the books I need are there. I’m so glad more blind and disabled people worldwide are joining your library without walls, without barriers.  

Five pairs of flip flops are hanging on a clothesline with clouds above

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  1. Nicole Matheny

    I love bookshare for a multitude of reasons. One, bookshare has gotten me through some of my classes in College, and they have lots of books I enjoy reading.

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